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VipBrands is a global online retailer, which specializes in fashion and beauty products. The company was established in 2013 and I based in Turkey, offering international delivery on all orders. The e-store’s catalog includes the world’s popular brands of clothing, shoes, excess prices along with make-up and perfume labels.

Meaning and history

VipBrands logo

The visual identity of the fashion retailer is simple yet memorable and eye-catching. The logo, composed of a wordmark with an emblem, is executed in a strict and traditional color palette, but with bright details, which make it unique.

The company’s emblem features a multicolor stylized letter “V” placed on a solid black circle. The letter has its wings elongated and spread to both sides from the center, evoking a sense of movement, strength, and energy.

The four colors of the VipBrands emblem are yellow, orange, white and green, which not only create a good contrast with the black background but also represent the character and essence of the e-commerce platform, reflecting the wide assortment of outfits and accessories available on the website.


The underlined wordmark of the online fashion retailer looks solid and powerful. Written with only two capital letters, “V” and “B”, it evokes a sense of seriousness and stability.

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The inscription is executed in a bold traditional sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Nimbus Sans Round Bold with its clean and distinct lines, representing professionalism and expertise.


The e-commerce platform, specialized in fashion and accessories, is pretty popular across the globe, as it offers a wide selection of clothing, shoes, and bags for women, men, and kids, available with international delivery.

The company offers a wide range of outfits from famous world brands, along with perfume and beauty products from popular labels. There is also a good selection of watches and jewelry at competitive prices, available on the website.

Besides the international shipping service, the online retailer also offers a secure payment system and even the cash in the delivery option. There is also a perfect customer support service, which is available online, by email and even by WhatsApp. The professional team of consultants is available 24/7 and can answer all your questions.

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