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ClickASnap, established by Tom Oswald in 2016 in the UK, is a unique paid-per-view image-sharing platform. It allows photographers to monetize their content through views, downloads, and sales of physical prints.

Meaning and history

The platform is distinguished by its large user base, with over 1 million photographers and 44 million viewers, and its innovative licensing systems. ClickASnap offers photographers various ways to profit from their work, contributing to its status as a significant player in the online photography market​​.


Clickasnap Logo

The logo for ClickASnap features a bold, black font that is straightforward and readable, conveying a sense of accessibility and professionalism. To the left, there is a stylized circular symbol with segments in gradient shades of purple, suggesting a camera’s aperture or lens, which is fitting for a photography-focused platform. This iconography signifies the creative and visual nature of ClickASnap’s service. The simplicity of the design reflects a modern, user-friendly approach to photo sharing and monetization.

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