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De Beers is a British brand of high-end jewelry. The company was established in 1888 and is considered to be one of the world’s largest diamond corporations. De Beers operates in more than 30 countries and sells its luxury products all over the world.

Meaning and history

De Beers Logo history

De Beers is an international corporation engaged in the mining, processing, and sale of natural diamonds, as well as the production of synthetic diamonds for industrial purposes. It was founded in 1888 in what is now South Africa.

When the founder of the company, Cecil Rhodes, died in 1902, De Beers controlled 90% of the world’s diamond production. So it won’t be an exaggeration to say, that this corporation created the global diamond industry.

De Beers, which was founded by British entrepreneur Cecil Rhodes, went from a small mining company to a global monopoly controlling 95 percent of the market, and also influenced the popularization of diamond jewelry through large-scale advertising campaigns. Now De Beers controls a little over 30 percent of the diamond mining market, retaining its position as the world leader.

The company operates in dozens of countries, with mining operations taking place in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Canada.

What is De Beers?
De Beers is an iconic brand, connected to a group of companies, engaged in the Diamond industry. The company was established at the end of the 1880s, and during a significant period of its history, has been controlling almost 90% of the world’s diamond production.


De Beers Logo old

The old version of the De Beers logo featured


De Beers logo

The De Beers’ visual identity is a perfect representation of the luxury brand — it modest, sophisticated and timeless.

The logotype, created by Pope+Wainwright agency, features an elegant serif typeface with slightly extended letters, which look strong and confident. The bold lines of the inscription are perfectly spaced and balanced.

De Beers Logo

The brand uses dark blue, almost black, and white color palette, which is luxurious and royal, showing the high-end brand and its aristocratic character. The white lettering adds purity and a sense of trust and loyalty to the company’s visual identity.

The brand’s signifier, used as the website icon and a packaging detail, is composed of the strict and simple monogram, enclosed in a circle. It uses the same color scheme as the main logo and looks stylish and fine.

The De Beers logo is an example of laconic and modest finesse. It looks simple yet is a celebration of high quality and rich group’s heritage.

De Beers logo

Font and Color

The elegant uppercase lettering from the primary De Beers logo is set in a sophisticated serif typeface with traditional elegant contours of the letters and sharp thin serifs on the ends of the lines. The closest fonts to the one, used in the De Beers insignia are Linotype Didot Pro Roman and LTC Bodoni 175 Small Caps.

As for the color palette of the De Beers visual identity, it is set in the dark and bright shade of blue, which has black and purple hues in it. This shade of blue creates a luxurious and sophisticated image, which looks chic and expensive, evoking a sense of excellence and stability.