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Verbatim is a Japanese brand of data memory storage devices manufacturer, owned by Mitsubishi. It was founded in 1969 in the USA and acquired by Mitsubishi in 1990. Since 2014 Verbatim is focused on 3D printing materials production.

Meaning and history

Verbatim Logo history

1978 – 2007

Verbatim Logo 1978

The first name of the brand was ITC, Information Terminals Corporation, which was changed to Verbatim in 1978, which is translated from Latin as “word for word”. The name reflects the brand’s value of accurate data recording, without missing a word.

2007 – Today

Verbatim logo


The Verbatim logo is very recognizable all over the globe. Its bright and welcoming color palette makes the logo friendly and fresh.

Blue and red on the white background reflect the brand’s energy and power, as well as its reliability, strength and warm attitude to its consumers.

The Verbatim logo is composed of two parts: a wordmark and an emblem. The brand’s nameplate is executed in classic serif sans font with a slightly vertically stretched “V”. The first letter makes the wordmark look sharp and modern.

Logo Verbatim

The brand’s icon is a red square with a white “V” on it. The emblem’s “V” is classic in its size and form, which makes an interesting contrast with the same letter of the wordmark.

The Verbatim logo is strong and timeless. Classic font and traditional color palettes how the brand’s authority and expertise, while the contrast and small elements such as “V” make the logo modern and friendly.