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Vaporl is an online electronic cigarette retailer, which was established in 2011. Today the company offers a wide range of ecig, capes, and accessories with international delivery. The e-commerce business has the most famous world’s brands in its catalog and offers the best deals on its products.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the electronic cigarette retailer is simple and modern. Its mobile logo is very minimalistic and laconic in comparison to the web version, which is composed of an orange wordmark with green details.

The orange and green color palette is a reflection of energy, evoking a happy and friendly feeling. The thin green curves, placed above the “V” and on the bottom part of “R” and “L”, adding a fresh and crispy mood to the logo.

There is also an additional emblem, which the company uses from time to time — the wordmark in purple is placed on the enlarged orange “V”, creating a bright and playful contrast.

Vaporl Logo

The mobile version is composed of a gray inscription, which is located on a white background. The color palette resembles a cloud of smoke and perfectly reflects the e-commerce platform’s profile.

Sometimes the brand switches to a monochrome palette, which represents professionalism, strength, and confidence, showing a stable and serious company.


The main version is executed in a bold and classic font, the one close to Broadway Roman, with one side of the letter ultra-thick, and another one — delicate and thin.

The modern and stylish wordmark of the mobile version in all capitals is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface, which was designed based on the iconic Futura Family font. The silhouette of the “A” is open (it’s horizontal bar shortened), and the ends of some letters have diagonal cut, symbolizing progress and movement.

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Vaporl is a vape online retailer, which offers a full range of electronic cigarettes, vapes, and accessories from the world’s leading brands.

Besides selling directly to the customer, the company offers wholesale deals for small businesses across the globe. The e-commerce platform works closely with the biggest manufacturers of the ecigs across the globe, so they can offer really competitive and profitable bulk deals.

The website of the retailer has hundreds of products, from starter kits to bestsellers and offers a wide range of discounted items at bargain prices.