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Laam is a fashion-tech startup focusing on bespoke clothing, primarily in Pakistan. It’s redefining traditional South Asian attire with e-commerce, aiming for global reach. Ownership details are private, but it’s driven by innovation and customer-centric services, blending tech with artisanal craft.

Meaning and history

In the bustling digital landscape of 2019, a trio of visionaries, Amir Iqbal, Arif Iqbal, and Nur Us Sahar Arif, identified a niche in the online marketplace. United by a shared passion for fashion and a keen sense of digital opportunity, they launched LAAM, an avant-garde e-commerce platform dedicated to the curation of clothing, footwear, and accessories.

LAAM emerged as a confluence of style and technology, seeking to carve out a unique space in the online retail world. The founders embarked on this journey with a mission to not just sell products, but to offer an experience that stood apart in the bustling e-commerce arena. They brought together an array of designers and artisans, creating a digital tapestry that reflected the rich diversity and craftsmanship of their selections.

The website was designed to be more than a mere conduit for transactions; it was an invitation to explore, a gateway to fashion trends, and a bridge connecting discerning customers with premium wardrobe essentials. From the outset, LAAM was envisioned as a platform where convenience meets luxury, where the modern consumer’s desire for high-quality products and seamless service could be fulfilled.

As LAAM’s digital footprint grew, so did its reputation for being a hub of carefully selected apparel, each piece telling a story of elegance, comfort, and timeless style. The commitment of its founders to excellence and customer satisfaction became the cornerstones of LAAM’s identity, propelling the platform to new heights in the online fashion ecosystem.


Laam Logo

The design features an elegant, uppercase typographic representation of the brand name, with each letter spaced neatly for clear readability. The most distinct element is a stylized flame-like icon that gracefully adorns the left side of the logo. This icon evokes a sense of creativity and passion, possibly symbolizing the brand’s drive and dynamic nature. The overall design is monochromatic, ensuring versatility and a timeless appeal that can easily be associated with a brand that values elegance and simplicity in its identity.