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Vapiano is the name of a German restaurant chain, which is specialized in Italian cuisine. The company was established in 2002 and by today it has almost 200 restaurants in more than 30 countries on all the continents. The yearly revenue of the company is around 400 million EUR.

Meaning and history

Though Vapiano is a German food-chain, its menu and visual identity are strongly connected with Italy, its character, and cuisine, which is considered to be the most popular in the world.

Its simple yet bright and remarkable logo, composed of only lettering, has a unique character and is perfectly balanced, showing confidence, passion, and style, as everything Italian does.

The wordmark in all capitals has its letter “I” in the lowercase, and the dot above it adds playfulness to the whole inscription. Under the main lettering, there is a “Pasta Pizza Bar” tagline, written in all capitals of a simple sans-serif typeface, with straight vertical lines between the words.

Vapiano Logo

The Vapiano logo is sharp and stylish, it has a modern and cool vibe, though at the same time it evokes a very friendly feeling. Looking professional and sleek, the logotype represents the food-chain at its best, making its restaurants stand out in the list of competitors.

Font and color

The Vapiano wordmark is executed in a custom handwritten typeface with thick pointed lines, which is pretty similar to such fonts as Skulebuk Heavy and Kobely, but with its contours refined and modified.

The red and white color palette of the company’s visual identity is a representation of passion and power, love for food and hospitality, which are the most known features of any authentic Italian restaurant.