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Valorant is a video game, created by Riot Games, in 2020. It is an online complimentary shooter.  Valorant has 7 game modes with different rules and objectives, such as point takeover, enemy annihilation, et cetera. In the short rounds, the players’re offered to choose the character for playing. They have special skills, charging via various actions during the fights. The users start every battle with a simple handgun, but as the match progresses, they receive access to shotguns, sniper and storm rifles.

Meaning and history

Inspired by Counter Strike strategical shooter series, the working on Valorant was started in 2014 by the LOL creators, Riot Games. Joe Ziegler developed the Valorant concept, being game director. David Nottingham is the creative director. Trevor Romleski and Salvatore Garozzo partnered as the chief designers for the game. Finally, Moby Francke became the art director or the shooter. They are all veterans in the industry, working at some times on CS, TF, and LOL.

Of the project development, the studio declared in 2019, calling it ‘Project A’. The current name was brought forward after the announcement on March 1st 2020. The game was published on the next day.

What is Valorant?
Valorant is a personal computer online game released by Riot Games in 2020. It is spread on a f2p model, offering additional in-game merch such as skins for weapons and characters. The users play as Agents, having their own talents, charging via different actions, like kills, deaths, assists, as well as others. Valorant has 7 game mods, which have different objectives – kill all foes, takeover the points, or rather specific ones, such as overwhelm the enemy with the snow balls.

2020 – today

Valorant Logo

The game logotype features the wordmark, placed below the emblem. It features two trapezes, the left one longer than the right one. They obviously form the ‘v’ character, but with a gap in its right bar.


Valorant Emblem

The official color code depicts black emblem and symbols. They also created the Pride month social media icon, painted rainbow shades.


Valorant Symbol

The nameplate has a capitalized sans-serif typeface. The symbols are semibold, and they have small gaps in between. The ‘v’, and ‘a’ letters are italicized, and the second ‘a’ in the word is mirrored to the premier one.  The ‘n’ is drawn having its left bar shortened, and it looks like the line comes out of the antecedent ‘a’. The ‘t’, and ‘r’ symbols have sharp tips.