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The history of Jet Set Radio started in 2000. The action game was created by Smilebit, which is a Sega studio, and published by Sega for the Dreamcast.

Meaning and history

The team that worked on this project included less than 25 people. The majority of them were younger than 25 years old.

2000 – now

Jet Set Radio logo

The Jet Set Radio logo has been very consistent throughout its history. The “blast” style and the yellow-and-green palette have made it recognizable in various parts of the globe. The most important message of the logo is its street art style. It is supposed to appeal to the target audience and, of course, echoes the contents of the game, where the player controls one of the members of a youth gang, who are busy spraying graffiti, among other things.
The centerpiece of the design is the name of the brand set in a creative custom typeface. It looks as if there has been an explosion that has distorted the shapes. All sorts of shapes can be seen around the glyphs, some of them sharp and arrow-like, others rounded and flower-like.
The two hexagon-like shapes (on the “R” and the one replacing the “O” glyph) are inspired by the inline skates extensively used by the members of the gang.


The glyphs are highly distorted, as if as a result of a blast. Some of them are twice or even three times larger than the others. The lines that should be strictly horizontal or strictly vertical are positioned at various unpredictable angles.


Yellow, which dominates the Jet Set Radio logo, is known as the color associated with young people and optimism. Consequently, its use here appears pretty natural. The green becomes a great companion. Here, two shades of green are used (a lighter and a darker one) to add dimension.

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