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Half-Life is a first shooter game, which was created by Valve in 1998. The game tells the story of a scientist in the center of an alien invasion and combines different game styles. The game is available for both Windows and macOS, as well as for different consoles.

Meaning and history

Half-Life logo

The Half-Life iconic emblem is instantly recognizable among gamers all over the world. Its minimalistic visual identity is based on a symbol, which is used in nuclear physics, and keeps a lot of meanings in itself.

The Half-Life logo is a bold orange Lambda emblem with a delicate wordmark in all the capitals, executed in a rounded sans-serif typeface. Thin white lines of the nameplate have a gray outline and light shadow, which created an effect of weight-lessness and finesse.

The Lambda symbol is the eleventh letter of the Greek alphabet, which represents the sound “L”. There are several meanings of Lambda, and this symbol can be seen everywhere in the Half-Life game.

The Lambda symbol represents the decay constant, it also denotes a wavelength (of sound or light), it is used in different programming and mathematical functions.

The orange and white color palette of the Half-Life visual identity is a representation of creativity and passion, alongside the purity and reliability of the game’s developers. It is a modern and memorable logo, which looks perfect on any background and makes the game stand out from the list of competitors.

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