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Escape from Tarkov is the name of a super popular shooting video game, which was designed in 2016 by the Battlestate Games. The game appeared on the international video games market at the beginning of 2017, and in just a few months became a leader in all the possible gaming-industry charts.

Meaning and history

The Russian authors have positioned Escape from Tarkov is a realistic multiplayer online game that combines several different genres at once – it is simultaneously a first-person shooter, a combat simulator, and an RPG with MMO elements. The output was something really new, and it was able to attract players from many regions. Even if not immediately.

A short explanation of the game idea. Tarkov is a fictional city in the Norva region, in 2028, besieged by mercenaries of the corporation Terra Group and the opponents in the face of the Russian military. While the sides in isolation from the outside world fight for resources, the inhabitants are looking for a new place to live in Tarkov. Some become looters and protect the loot, others sell medicine and weapons. Some want to leave the terrible place in any way they can.

The developers decided to make Realism the biggest advantage of the Escape from Tarkov game. The combat action already resembles the real one in terms of ballistics and physics, but there is still a lot to come. The character’s behavior should be influenced by every injury or wound received, and players will eventually completely shape the economic model of the game. Plus there’s the change of day and night, seasons, and city environments.

Escape from Tarkov Logo

Escape from Tarkov Logo

The visual identity of this super realistic and high-quality shooter video game is very masculine and strong. Based on the main game’s idea, the logo consists of a stylized torn-up wordmark and an image of the main character, which can be placed in different surroundings, and wearing different outfits.

Though the colors, used for the Escape from Tarkov logo are usually dark and gloomy, they do not make you feel bored or down, on the contrary, they show the fighting spirit and mood, evoking a sense of “nothing is impossible”, which drives the player from the very first second of playing, till the last one.

As for the text part of the visual identity, it is written in two lines, with the “Escape From” in small-sized bold and wide letters, set above the enlarged “Tarkov” in the uppercase. The silver-gray inscription is executed in a stylized custom font with distinct strict shapes and stable forms of the letters, straight cuts, which are balanced by the gradient palette and torn edges, and a very masculine and brutal mood.

Escape from Tarkov Icon

There are several versions of the Escape from Tarkov icons. One style is only based on the logotype, with its graphical elements, though no colors and ornaments. It can whether be executed in gradient gray and black color palette, set in two levels on a white background, or in calm-gray, placed on a plain black hexagon with its peaks pointing to the top and the bottom. The hexagon has its bottom triangular part complemented by a medium-gray contour, while the upper part is clean from any framing or contouring.

The second possible option for the Escape from Tarkov Icon is a combination of the colorful circular badge, where the main character of the game is depicted, with his weapon coming out of the circular frame, and a wordmark in the iconic recognizable style, written over the bottom part of the icon.