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The football club Huddersfield Town located in West Yorkshire was founded in 1908. It joined the Premier League in 2017.

Meaning and history

Huddersfield Town Logo history

Huddersfield Town was founded in 1908 by a group of local enthusiasts in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England. Initially established as a football club, it quickly became a significant part of the English football scene. Huddersfield Town’s early years were marked by rapid growth and development, leading to their entry into the Football League in 1910.

Throughout its history, Huddersfield Town has experienced several noteworthy achievements. Arguably the most remarkable period in the club’s history was in the 1920s, under the management of Herbert Chapman. During this time, Huddersfield Town achieved an extraordinary feat by winning the First Division (now the Premier League) three times consecutively in 1924, 1925, and 1926. This achievement set a precedent and made them one of the most respected teams in English football. The club also has a FA Cup win to its name, having won the competition in 1922. Over the years, Huddersfield Town has seen various degrees of success, with fluctuating performances in different league tiers.

As of the latest information, Huddersfield Town competes in the EFL Championship, the second tier of English football. The club’s current position reflects its ongoing efforts to regain top-tier status and continue building on its rich history. The team remains a vital part of the local community, with a dedicated fanbase and a strong commitment to maintaining its legacy in English football.

What is Huddersfield Town?
It’s a professional football club based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England. Known for its historic achievements in the early 20th century, including three consecutive top-division titles and an FA Cup win, the club currently competes in the EFL Championship.

1920 — 1966

Huddersfield Town Logo 1920
The original Huddersfield Town club logo was created in 1920 and stayed with the team for almost half a century. It was a traditional crest surrounded by ribbons and ornaments and executed in a white, blue, and yellow color palette. The body of the crest featured chevron yellow and black patterns with animals and towers drawn on it. The top of the crest was embedded with a blue figurine, and from the bottom of the composition, a long white ribbon with blue lettering was placed.

1966 — 1969

Huddersfield Town Logo 1966
The redesign of 1965 introduced a completely different badge for the Huddersfield Town club. It was a vertically oriented deep blue rectangle with a white monogram, placed on it diagonally from the up left to bottom-right direction. It was an “HTFC” lettering in a medium-thickness elegant cursive with elongated lines and curved tails of the bars. Simple yet sophisticated and chic, this badge stayed in use for more than two years.

1969 — 1971

Huddersfield Town Logo 1969
The logo from 1969 featured a light circular badge (could be seen both in white and ivory shades) with a solid red image of a dog and “The Terriers” uppercase inscription in a bold sans-serif typeface, written in the same shade of red under the animal’s silhouette. That was the logo only used by the club for less than two years when they decided to shortly change their name.

1971 — 1975

Huddersfield Town Logo 1971
The initial crest was returned to the Huddersfield Town club logo in 1971, but redrawn in a more modern way and placed on a circular medallion with a wide blue framing, where the full-sized uppercase lettering in yellow sans-serif was written around the perimeter. The blue frame is outlined from both sides with a thin yellow contour. As for the central part of the badge, it was white, with thick yellow lines creating patterns on it.

1975 — 1977

Huddersfield Town Logo 1975
The simple blue and white badge from 1966 comes back in 1975 and stayed for a couple of years. It was again a vertically placed rectangle in a deep and bright shade of blue with white cursive letters placed on it vertically, one under another with a slight shift to the right. This color palette was a representation of the professionalism and confidence, stability, and determination of the club.

1977 — 1980

Huddersfield Town Logo 1977
Another dog appeared on the club’s badge in 1977. This time it was a golden-badge Yorkshire terrier, sitting near the white and black football. The image was set on a blue and white background with a vertically striped pattern. It was a vertically oriented oval in a thick red frame with a thin gold outline. The “Huddersfield Town AFC” inscription in the uppercase of a narrowed sans-serif typeface was written along the bottom part of the red framing, arching under the main part of the badge.

1980 — 2000

Huddersfield Town Logo 1980
The terrier with a white ball was moved to the top of the new badge in 1980. It was replacing a traditional crown, which was usually set on heraldic crests. The main element was now a geometric shield with a blue and white pattern on its upper part, a black chevron with two stylized footballs, and a dark gold bottom part with a white tower drawn on it. The shield was surrounded by leaves and ribbons in blue and white, with the thin blue ribbon under the crest, where the uppercase sans-serif inscription in white was set.

2000 — 2002

Huddersfield Town Logo 2000
In 2000 the logo of the football club got back to the circular shape with all the colored elements enclosed into a thick white frame with lightweight black lettering in a modern sans-serif typeface written along the bottom part, and three gold five-pointed stars in a thin black outline — on top. The golden terrier with a white ball was now drawn on the bottom part of the circle, under the black chevron with a white ball and a blue star on it. The upper part of the circle featured a vertical striped pattern in blue and white.

2002 — 2005

Huddersfield Town Logo 2002
The redesign of 2002 brings back the ornate badge from 1980, redrawing it in a modern way and adding gradients shades, and gloss to some elements, which created a three-dimensional image full of life and motion. The lettering on a blue ribbon became bigger and bolder, changing its typeface to a solid and masculine sans-serif, with not much air between the capital letters of the wordmark. The gold elements of the badge changed their color to bright yellow.

2005 — 2019

Huddersfield Town Logo 2005
In 2005 the ornate Huddersfield Town badge was placed on a solid white crest in a thick blue framing. The crest featured elegant lines and pointed angles and had three five-pointed stars in bright yellow placed above it. It was a bright and strong badge, which looked sophisticated and chic when placed on the club’s uniform.

2019 — Today

Huddersfield Town Logo
All of the elements, including the crest frame, were redrawn again in 2019, with emboldened contours and modified shapes. All gradients and gloss remained, but the overall mood became more powerful and cool, with the dog drawn now in profile facing to the left. The lettering on a gradient blue ribbon was also a bit refined, with its sans-serif typeface becoming more square and brutal.

Font and color

The classy and traditional Huddersfield Town badge has its nameplate placed under it, on a thin blue ribbon, and this arched white inscription looks delicate and modest despite the pretty thick lines and confident shapes of the symbols. The sans-serif typeface of the lettering is very close to such fonts as FF Meta Pro Black and Fuller Sans DT Black, with straight clean lines and solid contours. The strictness of the letters and their distinct angles balance the smooth lines on the graphical part of the logo.

The ornate heraldic Huddersfield Town crest has two main colors, white and blue, and they are accompanied by black and gold details of a small geometric part with datemark and red and yellow accents on the crest itself. The blue and white combination stands for loyalty and responsibility, while red is for passion, and yellow symbolizes energy. As for the black and gold combo — it represents power and excellence, the club tends to show from season to season.

Huddersfield Town Colors

RGB(14, 99, 173)
HSL(208, 85%, 37%)