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The football club Huddersfield Town located in West Yorkshire was founded in 1908. It joined the Premier League in 2017.Huddersfield Town Logo

Meaning and history

Huddersfield Town Logo history

The Huddersfield Town FC logo has been modified a lot throughout the club’s history. However, all the logotypes introduced after the start of the 1969/70 season shared a recurrent motif: a stylized dog. The reason why it appeared was the nickname “The Terriers,” which the team received in 1969.

huddersfield town fc logo

Also, since 1977, the Huddersfield Town logo has always featured blue stripes. Other than the stripes and the terrier, the emblem has been changing a lot. Its overall shape varied from a square to a circle, from an oval to a shield. Some versions were pretty simple (like the 1966 or the 1969 crest), while others were loaded with details (like the 2005 logo).

Huddersfield Town Logo

Font and color

The classy and traditional Huddersfield Town badge has its nameplate placed under it, on a thin blue ribbon, and this arched white inscription looks delicate and modest despite the pretty thick lines and confident shapes of the symbols. The sans-serif typeface of the lettering is very close to such fonts as FF Meta Pro Black and Fuller Sans DT Black, with straight clean lines and solid contours. The strictness of the letters and their distinct angles balance the smooth lines on the graphical part of the logo.

The ornate heraldic Huddersfield Town crest has two main colors, white and blue, and they are accompanied by black and gold details of a small geometric part with datemark and red and yellow accents on the crest itself. The blue and white combination stands for loyalty and responsibility, while red is for passion, and yellow symbolizes energy. As for the black and gold combo — it represents power and excellence, the club tends to show from season to season.