Utah Jazz Logo

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Utah Jazz Logo

The Utah Jazz logo history is a perfect example of how a team can benefit from just returning to its roots. Having gone through three logo updates, they eventually returned to the original logo, with a couple of modifications.

Meaning and history

Utah Jazz Logo history

The team joined the National Basketball Association in the summer of 1974 as an expansion franchise. At the time, it was based in New Orleans, Louisiana, hence the name the New Orleans Jazz.

The earliest Utah Jazz logo sported the letter “J,” the initial of the word “Jazz,” in the form of a musical note. Its bottom part was formed by a multi-color basketball, while its top end extended over the “A” and half the first “Z” of the word “Jazz,” which was given in purple. Over the other half of the “Z” and the last letter, the text “New Orleans” in black was placed. There were no frames or additional elements, just the white background. The choice was eminently reasonable, as the icon in itself was quite complex. Realizing that the note was actually a “J” took some time, so no one needed any more details to overload the visual experience.

Old logo

Utah Jazz Logo Old

The so-called J-note logo was in use for the following two decades. The team decided to keep it even after relocating to Salt Lake City in 1980. They just replaced the name of the city of the New Orleans with the name of their new state, Utah, which was given in purple capitals.

Symbol evolution

Utah Jazz Logo Symbol

In 1996, the club unveiled an utterly new logotype. As the result of adding to the Utah Jazz logo new elements, the “local” theme became more pronounced. In addition to the word “Utah,” there was also a silhouette of the Wasatch Range, one of the state’s natural wonders. A streaking wordmark “Jazz” appeared on the forefront. The mountains could be seen above the wordmark, while below, it there was part of a purple basketball. The image was placed inside a bold copper circle frame.

Throughout the following two decades, the team didn’t modify the visual core of the Utah Jazz old logo, but updated the color scheme. The shape of the elements stayed almost the same, except for the typeface. During the 2005 logo update, the streaks to the left of the wordmark disappeared, while the color scheme was replaced by the one comprised of navy blue, powder blue, silver, and purple.

While preserving the shape of its predecessor, the 2010 emblem was colored dark blue, green, yellow, and white.

The 2016 emblem

Utah Jazz Logo emblem

The Utah Jazz new logo is a return to the original logotype. Almost everything is the same, except for the color scheme, which has been slightly modified.


While “Jazz” appears to be given in a unique custom type, the word “Utah” features a pretty generic sans serif font.


Utah Jazz Logo Color

In contrast to the comparatively complex old color schemes, the current one includes only navy blue, gold, and green, as well as white for the background.