Dallas Mavericks Logo

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Dallas Mavericks Logo
The Dallas Mavericks logo history started around 1981. The basketball club itself was founded in 1978 by Californian businessman Garn Eckardt and Home Interiors and Gifts owner Don Carter.

Meaning and history

Dallas Mavericks Logo history

The original logo could be visually broken into two parts. The emblem itself depicted a large dark blue “M” with a white cowboy hat on one of its top ends. It was placed over a green basketball. To the right, there was the name of the team in blue, white, and green.

Old logo

Dallas Mavericks Old logo
The Dallas Mavericks logo was used in this form for more than a decade. The 1993 emblem was basically the same. Here, the basketball and “M” emblem grew smaller in comparison with the wordmark, while the intricate script was replaced by a better legible one. The designer also got rid of the green and white outline, which was used for the text in the previous version.

The stallion symbol

Dallas Mavericks symbol
In 2002, following a very successful season, an entirely new era started in the history of the logo. Although the western theme was preserved, it now got a completely different actual implementation. Gone was the cowboy hat emblem. Now, the logo featured the head of a horse on the dark blue basketball. The emblem was placed in a grey shield shape with the word “Mavericks” written across it. The word “Dallas” in smaller letters could be seen above the stallion’s head. What made the emblem remarkable was the way the horse’s mane swept inside the dark blue circle creating something like the seam lines of a ball.

The 2017 emblem

Dallas Mavericks emblem
The symbol has probably been quite successful, as the team hasn’t changed it much since it was introduced more than 16 years ago. In 2017, the emblem was slightly modified, bringing about new shades of blue and grey.


The type used for the word “Mavericks” appears to be a modified version of TF Cavalier Upright Bold. The Mavs logo also features a simpler sans serif font for the word “Dallas.”


Dallas Mavericks Logo Color
The official color palette comprises two shades of blue (royal blue and navy blue), as well as silver and black. White is also used on the logo as an additional color.