Dallas Mavericks Logo

Dallas Mavericks Logo

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The Dallas Mavericks logo history started around 1981. The basketball club itself was founded in 1978 by Californian businessman Garn Eckardt and Home Interiors and Gifts owner Don Carter.

Meaning and history

Dallas Mavericks Logo history

The visual identity of the basketball team from Dallas can barely be called intense or interesting, as there err only two major logo versions, created for the club throughout the years, and each of them was redesigned just once.

1980 — 1993

Dallas Mavericks Logo 1980

The original logo for the Mavericks was created in 1980 and featured a blue and green composition, where the emblem was placed on the left from the two-level wordmark. The emblem of the team was composed of a solid green basketball with an italicized blue letter “M” in a thin white outline and with the white cowboy hat on it. As for the lettering, it was written in all capitals of a fancy serif typeface with some lines elongated and curved. The wordmark featured blue color as the main a double green and white outline.

1993 — 2001

Dallas Mavericks Logo 1993

The redesign of 1993 kept the emblem almost untouched, just slightly modified the lines of the “M”, making the letter look more elegant and sleek. The typeface of the inscription was changed to a cleaner and more confident serif, with classic lines and cuts. In this version, the lettering was executed in solid blue color without any outlines or additions.

2001 — 2017

Dallas Mavericks Logo 2001

In 2001 the club introduced completely different badges which were modern sleek and memorable. The stylized blue basketball with black lines had an image of the horse’s head executed in a gray and white color palette. The circular element was placed on a shield-like background and had a wordmark written along its bottom line, on a blue banner with arched horizontal sides. Under the lettering a contoured five-pointed star was placed, representing Texas, the lone star state.

2017 — Today

Dallas Mavericks logo

In 2017 the color palette of the Mavericks visual identity was slightly elevated, by darkening the blue and gray shades, which added progressiveness to the badge and made the whole image look more professional and sleek.


The type used for the word “Mavericks” appears to be a modified version of TF Cavalier Upright Bold. The Mavs logo also features a simpler sans serif font for the word “Dallas.”


Dallas Mavericks Logo Color

The official color palette comprises two shades of blue (royal blue and navy blue), as well as silver and black. White is also used on the logo as an additional color.