Golden State Warriors Logo

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Golden State Warriors LogoGolden State Warriors Logo PNG

The current logo of the professional basketball team Golden State Warriors has received mixed reviews, from admiration to criticism.

Meaning and history

Golden State Warriors Logo history

As the team was originally located in Philadelphia, its earliest name was Philadelphia Warriors. The first two emblems (adopted in 1945 and 1952 respectively) featured an Indian dribbling a basketball. Both the logos looked cartoonish, unlike the 1963 version, which was adopted by the team upon moving to San Francisco. The emblem depicted an Indian headdress encircled with the club’s name. It was there that the iconic combination of yellow and blue appeared seen in the current logo, too.

Old logo

golden state warriors old logo
The 1970 logo was created from scratch. It featured a silhouette of the Golden Gate Bridge in a yellow circle with a blue frame. While preserving the circular shape and the original color palette, the 1972 version brought about a completely new visual theme, an outline of the state of California.

The 1998 symbol

golden state warriors symbol
The “map” logo went through several modifications before it was replaced by a completely new emblem in 1998. It featured a masked blue warrior with a lightning bolt in his hands. At the background, there was a basketball. The logo, which looked somewhat comic, was criticized as a cacophony of borders, gradients, and highlights.

The 2010 emblem

golden state warriors emblem
The team got rid of the cartoonish warrior, replacing him by a silhouette of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Warriors have already used the Golden Gate Bridge theme in their logo once, and, according to the team’s President Robert Rowell, they wanted to pay homage to their rich history.
USA Today called it the best NBA logo stating that the bridge looked clean and dynamic, while the typeface, as well as the shades of blue and yellow, was unique and recognizable. However, there were quite a few critics, too. For instance, Christian Palino from the Brand New blog claimed the Golden State Warriors logo looked as if it had been developed by a middle school teacher in an ancient graphics application.


golden state warriors new logo
The typefaces look very much like Copperplate Medium (for the “GOLDEN STATE” lettering) and Copperplate Bold (for the word “WARRIORS”).