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Canisius Golden Griffins Logo
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Canisius Golden Griffins are the name of an athletic program of the private New York college Canisius, established in 1870. The program features both men’s and women’s athletic teams, which compete in the first division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Meaning and history

Canisius Golden Griffins Logo history
Apart from the membership in Division I of the NCAA, Canisius Golden Griffins has most of its teams competing in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference, simply MAAC. Also, the program has a very rare sports discipline in its line-up, ice hockey, which is really played by the collegiate clubs. So the ice hockey team of Canisius College is a member of the Atlantic Hockey Association.

What is Canisius Golden Griffins?
Canisius Golden Griffins is the collegiate athletic program from one of the American colleges, located in Buffalo, New York. The program is composed of 16 men’s and women’s teams, which compete in various sports disciplines, including Ice Hockey, Golf, Basketball, and others.

In terms of visual identity, since the end of the 1990s, the Athletic program of Canisius College uses a logo with a stylized mascot, the griffin, a mythological creature with the head and wing of an eagle and the body of a lion. The color palette of the badge also hasn’t changed much since that time — the combination of yellow and blue has been with the sports teams from Buffalo for many years.

1999 — 2005

Canisius Golden Griffins Logo 1999

The Canisius Golden Griffin logo, designed in 1999, is fully based on the image of..yes, a golden griffin. The half-eagle-half-Lion creature on the badge from the 1990s was drawn in light yellow, with a white bird’s head and blue details all over. It was placed in full size, facing to the left, with the head slightly turned. The mascot of the athletic program was placed above the bold and slightly narrowed logotype with its bottom line being a bit arched and underlined by the elongated tail of the last “S”. The dark blue inscription had its capitals letters with slightly flared bars drawn in dark blue and outlined in thin yellow. The “College” lettering was arched under the badge in blue capitals of a custom square font with lots of space between the letters.

2006 — Today

Canisius Golden Griffins Logo

The redesign of 2006 was all about the colors of the Canisius Golden Griffin logo, with both blue and yellow deepened and intensified. All elements remained in their places, and their contours were left untouched, but with the new dark shades, the whole badge started looking more professional and even chic, evoking a sense of excellence and confidence.