Charlotte Hornets Logo

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Charlotte Hornets Logo

Charlotte Hornets Logo PNG

The professional basketball team Charlotte Hornets has already had at least five distinctive primary logos. The need for logo modification has been in many cases connected with changes in the name of the team.

Meaning and history

Charlotte Hornets Logo history

The club was founded in 1988. Initially, it was an expansion team, while its owner was George Shinn. The name “Charlotte Hornets” was chosen during a contest. If not for the contest, the team would have been named “Charlotte Spirit.” The Charlotte Hornets original logo featured a stylized (and incredibly aggressive) creature, presumably a hornet, and a basketball. Behind it, there was a white “H” with a purple outline and a large teal “C.”

Old logo

Charlotte Hornets Old logo

By the next season, the Charlotte Hornets old logo was replaced. While the theme itself – a hornet with a basketball – remained the same, its actual implementation was utterly different. Now, the hornet was more massive. Colored dark blue, white, black, and teal, it looked somewhat cartoonish. The basketball, which was about the size of its head, was orange.

As the club owner, George Shinn, had a long-standing feud with the officials of the city of Charlotte, the team eventually moved to New Orleans in 2002 and received a new name, New Orleans Hornets. Today, this team is called New Orleans Pelicans.

Charlotte Bobcats symbol

Charlotte Bobcats symbol

In 2002, the NBA agreed to add a new team in Charlotte instead of the Hornets. Among the co-owners was American rapper Nelly. The team, which was named Charlotte Bobcats, adopted a logo created by designer Chris Weiller. It featured a snarling orange bobcat facing to the right.

2014 emblem

emblem Charlotte Hornets Logo

Following the change of the name, the team adopted an emblem featuring a hornet with the new name on its body. This emblem has also been used as the Charlotte Hornets new hat logo.


Charlotte Hornets Logo Color

The current Charlotte Hornets logo comprises four colors: teal, dark purple, gray, and white.