Detroit Pistons Logo

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Detroit Pistons logoDetroit Pistons Logo PNG

Since 1941, when the basketball teamwas established, the Detroit Pistons logo has undergone quite a few changes. However, it has always had the same basis: a basketball with the team’s name over it.

Meaning and history

Detroit Pistons Logo history

The 1957 logo depicted a white ball with a blue outline and the name of the company in red, as well as the words “Basketball club”. Below, there was a dark blue text “National Basketball Assn.” The following logotype, which was adopted in 1971, looked almost identical, but the “National Basketball Assn.” text was gone.


Detroit Pistons symbol

The following versions were very close to the original one, with the notable exception of the 1996-2005 logos featuring a horse’s head.

Current emblem

Detroit Pistons emblem

The name of the team is placed inside a red basketball with a bold blue outline and a thinner chrome ring around it.


Font Detroit Pistons Logo

Although some sources identify the font as Zurich Bold Extra Condensed BT created by Bitstream Inc., it actually does not look identical to the wordmark. According to other sources, the team did not use any of the existing fonts for its wordmark, but a custom typeface, which was specifically created for the team, based on its ’90s logo.


Color Detroit Pistons Logo

The team’s official palette includes the following colors: royal blue, red, chrome, navy blue, and white. The primary Detroit Pistons logo comprises all of them, except navy blue, while the icon with the letter “P” does not have any chrome elements in it.

Detroit Pistons logo