Denver Nuggets Logo

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Denver Nuggets Logo
The American basketball team Denver Nuggets has gone through five distinctive logos so far. The current one has been used, with subtle modifications, since 1994.

Meaning and history

Denver Nuggets Logo history

The team made its debut in 1976 under the name of Denver Rockets. Based on an orange basketball, the earliest logo comprised not only the name of the team but also the lettering “Ringsby System,” which referred to the trucking company of the team owner Bill Ringsby.
In 1972, the logo actually adopted a “rocket” theme: now it featured an anthropomorphized rocket dribbling a basketball.

Old logo

Denver Nuggets Logo old
Two years after Ringsby sold the club in 1972, it adopted the name Nuggets and, of course, a new emblem. The Denver Nuggets original logo depicted a red-bearded miner “discovering” an ABA ball. The name of the team arched around “Maxie the Miner.”
In 1976, the Denver Nuggets old logo was slightly updated.

The 1981 symbol

Denver Nuggets symbol
The 1981 emblem featured the Denver “rainbow city” skyline. Some fans call it the Tetris logo, as it actually was somewhat similar to the square shapes seen in this game.

Current emblem

Denver Nuggets emblem
In 1994, a snow-capped-mountain era began in the Denver Nuggets logo history. The team has been loyal to this theme so far. When modifications took place in 2004 and 2009, they only affected the color scheme.
The 2009 Denver Nuggets logo appears to be a compromise between the 1994 and 2004 ones. Now, the blue of the mountain is neither as dark as on the 1994 emblem, nor as light as on the 2004 mark.


The font used for the word “Nuggets” looks fairly similar to Aachen Bold, which is a slab serif type created by Colin Brignall.


Denver Nuggets Logo Color
There are two shades of blue – navy blue and light blue – on the Denver Nuggets logo. The combination gives the image more dimension, while gold adds contrast. White is used as a supplementary color.