Black Lives Matter Logo

Black Lives Matter LogoBlack Lives Matter Logo

Black Lives Matter is the name and motto of a social movement against racial discrimination that started in 2013 in the United States after several violent incidents involving the police and African-American citizens of the United States. The movement grew quite quickly and acquired millions of followers not only in America, but throughout the world.

Meaning and history

Black Lives Matter Logo history
The official logo for Black Lives Matter was created in 2013, and is still in use, as the primary version, though as the movement has its followers in many countries of the world, there have been several additional logos designed for it by various artists, and some of these non-official emblems have become iconic and recognizable not less than the primary text-based logo.


Black Lives Matter Logo old
The very first logo for the Black Lives Matter movement was composed of a solid yellow square, with a three-line inscription in a narrowed geometric sans-serif font. The first and last lines of the wordmark were executed in black lines, while the middle “Lives” was written in yellow capitals across the solid black rectangle.


Black Lives Matter Logo
The official and most known emblem for the Black Lives Matter movement boasts a bright yellow square with black lettering on it. The inscription in all capitals is set in three levels, with the “Black” and “Matter” in traditional black contours, and “Lives” written in yellow on a horizontally stretched black rectangle.

The letters of the wordmark are executed in a bold and solid sans-serif typeface, which evokes a sense of confidence and determination. The serious inscription looks powerful and brilliantly represents the purpose of the organization and its strong character, along with its willingness and ability to fight for the right of people and to change our world for the better.


Black Lives Matter Symbol

The Black Lives Matter movement has not only a text-based emblem but also a graphical symbol, which can be executed in different styles and placed on various badges can though never loses its meaning and strength.

The closed fist, which is always drawn in monochrome, has been a symbol of black liberation for years. The movement activist and famous Afro-American people raise their fists as a sign of their solidarity and the importance of human rights.

In the Black Lives Matter visual identity the fist can be seen in various styles and surroundings. One of the most popular emblems depicts a white image placed on a solid black square with white lettering above and under it. The fist features strict and sharp lines, as a representation of fighting spirit and resoluteness.

Logo Black Lives Matter

It can also be drawn in black and outlined in white, with or without yellow accents, lettering, or framing, but the black fist always looks powerful and confident, reflecting the mood of people in the movement and their values.

Font and color

Black Lives Matter Font

The lettering from the official Black Lives Matter logo is executed in a strong and modern sans-serif typeface with bold lines and solid shapes. The font of the emblem is pretty close to such famous types as Thaler Grotesk, Rogue Sans Nova Bold, and Jekta, but with some lines modified and shapes narrowed.

The official color palette of the movement is built on black and yellow shades, which together work as a representation of power and energy. Yellow is also a symbol of life and growth, while black adds progressiveness and strength.

As for all the additional versions, they are usually executed in monochrome color though some of them boast yellow or even orange accents, which make the emblems brighter and more memorable.