The European Organization for Nuclear Research has been accused in using Illuminati symbols more than once. They can be seen not only in the CERN logo, but also in the Council’s other emblems, as well as its videos and mascots.

Meaning and history

CERN Logo history

The emblem consists of two parts. In the middle, there is the word “CERN” standing for the French name of the Council, which was actually its first title (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire).

The word “CERN” is surrounded by interlaced rings. The rings are supposed to depict the accelerator chain and the particle tracks.

1954 – 1968

Cern Logo 1954

1968 – now

cern logo illuminati

Illuminati and the emblem

CERN Emblem

CERN has long been causing anxiety among the thinking part of the world’s population. Their experiments pose great risks, which do not get enough media coverage. As if to make matters worse, the Council uses a lot of controversial symbols.

Take the primary CERN logo. The interlaced rings can be regarded as three figures “6” (they go to the edge of the symbol). It is hardly possible to understand why the Council’s PR team agreed to adopt the logo where the 666 symbol was clearly visible.

Other controversial symbols

CERN symbol

Also, many conspiracy theorists mention the statue of the Hindu goddess Shiva that can be seen just outside of the headquarters building. In the cold light of the day, Shiva symbolizes creation, death, and destruction. Quite a few people wonder, why would the Council for Nuclear Research choose the deity of destruction as its corporate mascot. We should, however, point out that the statue was a gift from the Indian government received in 2004.


Font CERN Logo

The sleek and elegant font featured in the CERN logo is called Optima. As a complementary typeface for it, the organization suggests Helvetica Neue. In case none of the two are available, Arial is acceptable.


Color CERN logo

The white logo is given against the dark blue background. The color, which is called CERN BLUE, is registered with the code of 286C in the Pantone system.

What is CERN in laymans terms?
CERN is the abbreviation standing for the European Organization for Nuclear Research, an organization, which is focused on fundamental physics research. The researches of CERN work on probing the fundamental structure of the Universe.

Why was CERN shut down?
The CERN accelerator complex was shut down for two years, from 2013 — 2015, for planned maintenance and consolidation. The Organization opened the complex again in 2015, continuing all the outgoing research.