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US Airways is one of the most reputable and respected airlines in the USA. The company was founded in 1979 as USAir and changed its name to US Airways in 1997.

Meaning and history

US Airways Logo history

1979 – 1989

US Airways Logo-1979

The very first US Airways badge was introduced in 1979 and stayed with the air carrier for almost ten years. It was very modern for its times’ lettering in a futuristic extra-bold sans-serif typeface, executed in all capitals with rounded angles and sharply cut diagonal ends of the lines. The central letter, “A”, was enlarged and drawn as a triangle, formed by a folded ribbon, rounded at its peak. The color palette of the logo was based on scarlet-red and brown shades, which looked very warm and welcoming.

1989 – 1997

US Airways Logo-1989
The redesign of 1989 changed the color palette of the logo to a more patriotic red and blue one, and simplified the composition of the badge, by using only a serif logotype, with no designer elements. The “US” was set in bright red, while the “Air” in the title case was glued to the first part of the lettering and drawn in bright blue, adding vitality and energy to the badge and making it look professional and stable. This version of the logo was used for a hit less than the previous one — around eight years only.

1997 – 2015

US Airways Logo
One of the most known names among the world’s biggest airlines, US Airways has a perfect reputation and a strong visual identity concept.

The US Airways logo, designed in 1997 by Luxon Carrá and Deskey Associates, features a wordmark and an emblem, placed inside a long horizontal rectangular.

The wordmark is executed in a smooth and sophisticated serif typeface with a distinct line of all the capital letters. The “R” of the nameplate features an elongated tail, which looks elegant and playful at the same time.

In the “US” part of the wordmark, letters are divided by a small square, placed at the middle point of the inscription. It adds individuality to the logo, though it has the same color and strict simple shape.

The US Airways emblem is a stylized American flag, which is executed in five parallel horizontal lines and a solid square in the top left corner. It is a very strong geometrical representation of the national flag of the USA. Modern and recognizable.

US Airways Logo

The royal blue and gray color palette of the US Airways logo makes the company’s visual identity elegant and timeless. It is a reflection of a trustworthy and reliable brand, which is confident today and aims to keep its leading position tomorrow.