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University of Washington is an American organization, providing multiple academic degrees through its colleges, as well as 140+ researching centers and laboratories. The university carries 22 sports teams, playing in nationwide competitions. There are many communities, organizations and societies formed in the walls of UW. Its main campus and most important facilities are based in Seattle, US.

Meaning and history

University of Washington Logo history

University of Washington is one of the first educational organizations founded in the Pacific States. In 1854, the Governor of Washington territory recommended the establishment of the new institution to support the local economy. In 1858, Arthur A. Denny, one of the town builders of Seattle, managed to promote the city as the place for the new university.

In 1861, after the place searching ended and downtown Seattle was chosen as the place for a new campus, the Territorial University of Washington was officially established. Initially, it studied rather social and liberal disciplines, although there were the lectures of math, chemistry, and others. In the following years to come, UW would endure renaming to University of Washington in 1889, expansion of operations and construction of the new schools and campuses, which would make it one of the largest universities in the Pacific Coast.

What is University of Washington?
University of Washington is a science research institution located in Seattle and founded in 1861. Being one of the forerunners of the Pacific States university education, UW is one of the largest universities in the region. U of W includes 3 campuses which operate around 140 scientific centers and additional facilities. The university controls many smaller communities in organizations. Their athletic teams participate in multiple nationwide competitions, such as NCAA, PAC-12 and Olympic Games.

1861 – today

University of Washington Seal

The seal is a circle composed of a shield, embedded into a ring. At the top of the crest, there is a star with some ornamental lines. On the stripe below is the UW motto, ‘Lux Sit’, meaning ‘Let There Be Light’. Most of the figure is occupied by lines, styled as four columns. At the perimeter of the shield, there are two large branches. The outer frame features the year of establishment and the capitalized nameplate.

1861 – today

University of Washington Logo

The logotype, being rather a text caption, features a large ‘W’ letterform placed above the nameplate, written in a single-line inscription.


University of Washington Font

The ‘W’ character in the logotype is composed of a bold typeface with heavy serifs. The text caption features a narrowed script with sharp serifs of the uppercase letters. The ‘of’ word has a lowercase handwritten font. The seal, being an image where the inscriptions have rather small proportions, shows a bold yet flattened and widened script with serifs. The motto has a special feature – the ‘U’ character looks just like ‘V’.


Traditionally, the university’s brand identity used violet as the main shade. It’s used in both the seal and the logo. In the sigil, we can see the violet lines and inscriptions. The seal usually doesn’t have any background, but in cases if there is the background, its color is white. In the brand logo, they’ve written the violet name and ‘W’ letterform on the white background.