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Kids r Kids is an American educational franchise, which specialized in schools for kids from 6 weeks up to 12 years. The company was founded in 1985 and today has more than 170 schools with over 35 thousand students across the USA.

Meaning and history

Kids r Kids’ visual identity looks solid and confident. It reminds the logo of a serious and powerful organization. The Kids r Kids logo is composed of a wordmark with the emblem, placed in the middle.

The classic serif typeface with thick lines is used for both the words “Kids” of the nameplate. The classic blue of the lettering adds a sense of reliability and safety.

The words are separated by a rounded emblem with the letter “R” on it. The circle is colored in a light shade of blue and features a golden wreath around its perimeter, reminding of Ancient Greece and its famous educational system. The circle has an inner round frame, which is also golden and adds elegance and sophistication.

Kids r Kids Logo

The bold letter “R” looks strong and stylish. It reflects the company’s values and heritage shows the fundamental approach and its attitude to education.

The emblem is not the only decorative element of the company’s visual identity. A folder ribbon, located under the nameplate contains white lettering “Learning Academy” and adds seriousness and professionalism to the whole logo.

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