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Cornell University is a private educational organization founded in 1865 in the United States. This institution is focused on analyzing, systematization and practical application of knowledge in various fields of humanities and natural sciences – from philosophy or history to informatics and physics. Their objective is to distribute the knowledge across the citizens of the country. Also, this is one of the largest universities which give federally controlled land to its students for achievements in agriculture, engineering, military or civilian sciences.

Meaning and history

Cornell University Logo history

The university was founded in 1865 in the city of Ithaca, New York. It was established as an elite private research university which specialized in exploration and analyzing of information in any study. The name of the university derives from the surname of Ezra Cornell, a businessman and politician, which dream, idea and one of the largest achievements was the foundation of an institution, where each person could find knowledge and instruction in any branch of science one would like.

What is Cornell University?
Cornell University is an educational research institution, founded by Ezra Cornell in 1865. They’re focused on educating people in various fields and branches of sciences, as well as teaching how to use the knowledge in real life. This is also a land-granting university – it means that they give away land to the people studying in the Cornell if they do something really impressive in science or art, as well as make improvements in a university life.

1865 – today

Cornell University Logo-1865

As it happened with many other organizations at that time, in 1865 the mark of the university put on all the documents compiled by its headmasters was its seal. A ring-like shape featured three elements: a bigger disk-like area, contoured by a thin line, a smaller disk-like area, also contoured by the similar thin line, and a shield as big in diameter as the smaller disk itself.

The shield contained a book, occupying its whole lower and central parts and through which a bold vertical stripe went, and two other shields of smaller sizes, both represented in the upper part of the shell and bordered from the book by a horizontal stripe. One of them was placed to the left side. It demonstrated a striped vertical pattern. The top part of that smaller shell fenced off the whole shield with a horizontal stripe and was empty. The shell placed to the right displayed us a sailboat flowing somewhere on the passage of a mountain sunrise.

As for the aforementioned bigger circle, so the designers decided to write a ‘Cornell University Founded A.D. 1865′ inscription at the perimeter of the whole ring. It had an uppercase style of the sans-serif letters executed just in contours. There was either no filling-up of these letters or it was white.

2004 – today

Cornell University Logo

In 2004, they’ve downscaled the seal and converted it into a small emblem displayed to the left from a wording with the name of the educational institution. Also, the seal inscription now was full, not punctured.


The seal lettering uses a typical uppercase script with sans-serif letters and wider gaps between them. Each letter is executed in contours. The words in the 2004 logo were performed in a typical serif type with elegant thin lines, very small gaps in between, and ‘l’ characters looking like ‘1’ numbers.


The Cornell University logo color palette has a monochrome style. The red was made the main and basically only shade in the colorization of the whole brand. It was used to describe the seal symbols, and to write both versions of the name. The background has either no coloring or is white.