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University of Princeton is an educational organization located in New Jersey. Situated in seven residential colleges, UP offers hundreds of degrees in the fields of social, liberal and natural sciences. It’s considered as one of the best universities, conducting researches in the fields of politics, economics, business, and others. Their varsity teams play in NCAA under the overall ‘Tigers’ name. There are also many smaller organizations, occupied with their own operations and held by the university professors, alumni, and students.

Meaning and history

University of Princeton Logo history

Princeton was one of the first colleges to be founded on the US soil. In was established in the city of Elizabeth, in 1746, as one of the nine colonial colleges chartered by the British Crown before the Revolution. It was named as ‘College of New Jersey’, and its specialization was initially related rather to philosophy and theology. Two years later, the university moved to Newark, and finally, in 1756, it was relocated to Princeton.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the university began to smoothly separate from the Church and incorporate new natural and technical studies. This process continued throughout the 19th century. During the James McCosh presidency in the 1870-1880s, the number of the science researches, educational programs, as well as extra class activities grew. The first varsity teams under the ‘Tigers’ name appeared at that time. The college grew rapidly due to the donations from the rich people and the government. Finally, in 1896, the College of New Jersey officially became the University of Princeton.

What is Princeton University?
Princeton University is an organization providing educational and scientific services to the people across the United States. Located in New Jersey and founded in 1746, Princeton is an institution having a large influence on the educational, scientific and political activity of the United States. This is a science research complex, situated in seven colleges, as well as numerous departments and centers, in which more than 1200 professors explore hundreds of degree programs in the areas of humanities, social and natural arts.

1748 – 1896

University of Princeton Logo 1748

The initial seal of the College of New Jersey was a signature featuring a circle with an external ring and an inner image. On the ring, it was written the ‘Sigillum Collegii New Caesariensis in America’ inscription, or ‘Seal of the College of New Jersey in America’. At the top of the central image, there was the Bible with ‘Vet Nov Testamentum’ words, indicating the New and Old Testaments. Over it, there was a line with the ‘Vitam Mortius Reddo’ phrase, meaning ‘I restore to the dead’. To the left beneath the Bible, we can see a diploma, featuring the student’s goal. To the right, there was a table with the books, reflecting the way to achieve this goal.

1896 – today

University of Princeton Logo 1896

The 1896 sigil insignia represents a shield enclosed in a circular frame. The outer ring features the ‘Sigillum Universitatis Princetoniensis’ inscription, written at the perimeter. The ring also has contours on the external and internal sides. The central shield depicts a triangular line at the lower part, and the Bible at the top. The book reads the familiar ‘Nov Vet Testamentum’ words. Around the shield, there is the motto. The ‘Dei Sur Numine’ part is placed to the left, while the rest ‘Viget’ word is placed to the right. The whole motto means ‘Under God’s Power She Flourishes’.

1987 – today

University of Princeton Logo

The logotype depicts the university name in a two-line inscription. To the right, there is the familiar shield taken from the seal.


University of Princeton Symbol

In the logotype and the seal, the inscriptions use the very similar typefaces. The slogans, name captions and shield words have capitalized serif letters with small space in between. There are also thin yet sharp serifs of the letters. In the logotype, the ‘Princeton’ word has a very bold script without any other changes. In the seal, the ‘U’ characters look like ‘V’.


University of Princeton Emblem

In the middle of the 19th century, the university corporate palette was modified with black and orange shades. Before then, it was just black and white. On the 1896 seal, we can see the shield with the black upper part and triangular symbol. The symbol is placed in an orange area. The Bible is white with the black words on it. The rest of the seal is black and white. The logotype features the same shield, placed to the left from the black name.