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The Texas Tech logo, which is known as Double T, has been the school’s official emblem for more than half a century.

Meaning and history

texas tech university logo

The Double T was adopted as the school’s official emblem in 1963. However, the symbol itself had been first used much earlier. It made its debut on the football players’ uniforms in 1926.

The very concept of the emblem was partly borrowed from the block T of the Texas A&M University logo. The reason behind this choice was perfectly simple: the Texas Tech’s assistant coach, Grady Higginbotham, who developed the Double T together with the football coach, E. Y. Freeland, was a Texas A&M University alumni.

Evolution of the emblem

Texas Tech Emblem

Since 1960, the Double T was modified only once, in 2000. The symbol was made more complicated and acquired a 3D effect.

Athletic symbol

Texas Tech symbol

The Texas Tech Red Raiders typically use the same symbol as the school itself, yet at some points they also had alternative logotypes depicting a horse rider in a cloak.


Font Texas Tech Logo

Although at first glance, the typeface featured on the Texas Tech wordmark may seem traditional, it is actually unique due to the unusual shape of the serifs.


Color Texas Tech Logo

Both the colors comprising the school’s official palette – scarlet and black – can be seen on its logo.

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