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University of Oregon is an all-people available academic institution, located in Eugene, United States. This is the flagman university in the higher education structure of the state of Oregon. The organization is situated in 5 colleges and 7 independent schools, where more than 2000 academicians provide a professional preparation to their students in 80 scientific subjects, including accounting, urbanism, public relation, et cetera. There are around 300 educational programs, designed on the model of continuous research and development.

Meaning and history

University of Oregon Logo history

The university was established in 1872 by the Legislature of Oregon, regardless of financial difficulties that plagued the state at that time. To fund the university, the inhabitants of Eugene gathered $27,500, spent on the land for the university and its construction. The lectures began in 1876. That time, the institution bore the name ‘Oregon State University’. The catalog of the disciplines, studied in the first decades of the university, included law, music, architecture, business, and others.

What is University of Oregon?
University of Oregon is a commercial organization, located in Eugene, United States. The organization provides people with knowledge in various fields of technical sciences and liberal arts. There are more than 300 academic programs, exploring more than 80 subjects, related to business, engineering, architecture, philosophy, and others. These programs are lectured by 2000 highly trained professors across 5 colleges, 7 self-contained schools, and numerous departments, laboratories, and other facilities.

1876 – today

University of Oregon Logo 1876

The university’s main seal features a picture of a mountain located among the trees. There is also a large river flowing in the forest. The sky is displayed using a pattern of multiple horizontal lines. At the bottom of the picture, we can see an inscription with the year of foundation of the university, written in Roman characters. The whole landscape is located at the center of the sigil, and framed by an outline with multiple dots on it. On the outer part of the seal, we can see the organization’s name, written in Latin, and the ‘Mens Agitat Molem’ motto, which translates as ‘The Mind Moves Mountains’.

1999 – today

University of Oregon Logo

The university’s primary signature is an ‘O’ symbol located to the left of the brand’s name, written in a two-line inscription.


University of Oregon Symbol

The font scheme of the university is featured in a single typeface, used for both the logotype and the seal inscriptions. This typeface has a slim style with capitalized characters. However, there are some differences. In the seal, the brand designers have decided to feature the words in the same size. In the logotype, the ‘Oregon’ is enlarged. In the logotype, the ‘Oregon’ is enlarged. Also, the ‘O’ symbol is a flattened and widened.


University of Oregon Emblem

In the graphic appearance of the university, the main shades are green, white, and gray. The Sigil is drawn using green for the lettering, lines, and some strokes. The mountain landscape and some patterns mix white and gray shades. In the logotype, we can see the gray name of the university, placed to the right side from the green ‘O’ emblem.

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