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University of Iowa is a researching institution, which is located in the city of Iowa, and in the State of Iowa. The university was established in 1847, and now it’s one of the most influential educational institutions in the state. Organized into 12 colleges, it offers 7 professional degrees and more than 200 programs of study, cataloged by multiple directions of liberal and technical sciences. The university maintains multiple sports organizations, science research centers and laboratories, and other facilities.

Meaning and history

University of Iowa Logo history

The university was established in the middle of the 19th century. That time, it was known as State University of Iowa. The university establishment was dictated by the Constitution of the State, which stated that the government was to form a university with no branches in other states. The starter pack of the programs studied during the first decades of the university was composed of ancient and modern languages, history, philosophy, math, and chemistry. The next name of the university arrived in 1964, when the ‘University of Iowa’ wording was adopted for daily usage.

What is University of Iowa?
University of Iowa is an American state-owned organization, established in Iowa City. It offers multiple services of professional preparation in various fields of science as well as liberal and fine arts. There are around 200 postgraduate and undergraduate academic programs, catching the disciplines related to business, history, philosophy, informational technologies, and many others. The core operations of the university have been organized in 12 colleges, controlling numerous departments, centers and laboratories.

1847 – today

University of Iowa Logo 1847

The seal has been executed as a circular mark, consisting of two elements: an external frame and a central circle. The outer part of the seal features a ring with the name of the institution, and the full date when it was organized. At the center of the whole insignia, we can see an image of an Eagle in its full growth. The eagle is an unchanging symbol of Iowa State, depicted on its flag, so it’s very suitable for the university to represent the eagle on its seal. The bird is drawn holding a stick in its left leg, a bow in its right leg, and carrying an arrow in its beak.

1847 – today

University of Iowa Logo

The primary logotype of the brand features an inscription with the name of the university. It’s shown below an image of a dome propped up by several columns.


University of Iowa Symbol

The words in the seal have been featured in a semifat typeface with angular serifs. All inscriptions are capitalized, but the first letters of each word in the name are slightly enlarged (except for the word ‘of’). As for the primary logotype, so here the script is more interesting: each letter has prominent serifs, executed in slight lines, going to different sides depending on whether it’s the top or bottom of the symbol. Also, the characters are all capitals, but the first characters of each word are enlarged, as it’s in the seal. Each letter has prominent serifs, executed in slight lines.


University of Iowa Emblem

The colors’ gathering in the seal and the primary logotype differ starkly in comparison to each other. In the logo, we can observe the black and white coloring, whereas the dome with the columns is one half black, and one half white. The inscription has been colored solid black. The seal is shown as a golden-colored circle with black lines craved on it. The black coloring is used for the image of the eagle at the center and all inscriptions in the outer frame.

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