DECA is a USA educational structure, which specializes in students Carter support. The organization was established in 1946 and today has members all over the world. The company is split into two divisions: The High School and The Collegiate.

Meaning and history

DECA Logo history

DECA was established in 1946 by Edward Peterson, who sought to create a cohesive structure to support high school and college students in their aspirations within business and entrepreneurship. From its inception, DECA has been pivotal in nurturing the skills necessary for success in the competitive business environment. It has achieved numerous milestones, including the expansion of its competitive events to cover various aspects of business and management, the introduction of international conferences, and the establishment of a vast alumni network that spans across the globe. DECA’s main achievements include fostering a global community of over 215,000 members, its significant impact on the career paths of millions of students, and its role in the development of ethical business practices among young entrepreneurs. Today, DECA stands as a cornerstone for budding professionals worldwide, offering resources, competitions, and networking opportunities that are unparalleled, thereby maintaining its position as a leading organization in the field of business education.

What is DECA?
DECA is a non-profit American organization, which was established in 1908 to help students in their careers and interests. The name of the organization is a derivative of the Distributive Education Clubs of America.

1950’s – 1970’s

DECA Logo 1950

The name of the organization, DECA, is an abbreviation for Distributive Education Clubs of America. The structure’s first logo was designed in the 1950s and became the basis for the current visual identity.

1970’s – 1980’s

DECA Logo 1970

The logo presents a strong, mid-century design aesthetic typical of the 1970s. At its center is a diamond shape, conveying solidity and stability. Within this diamond, the words “DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUBS OF AMERICA” encircle a stylized image of a package or box with a prominent bow, symbolizing gifts or commerce, which aligns with the organization’s focus on marketing and distribution. The use of bold, capitalized lettering indicates a sense of authority and formality. The lines radiating from the diamond suggest dynamism and reach, implying the organization’s widespread influence and the expansive nature of its educational mission. The monochromatic color scheme of black and white adds a classic, timeless feel, suggesting the enduring values and principles of the organization.

1980’s – 1991

DECA Logo 1980

This iteration of the logo maintains the diamond shape from the previous design, which remains central to the organization’s identity. However, this version introduces an additional three-dimensional effect, with the diamond appearing to have depth and layers. The core elements, including the stylized package and the encircling text, are retained, preserving the continuity of the brand. The rays emanating from the figure are less pronounced yet still suggest the outreach and impact of the organization. This design evolution reflects the trends of the 1980s, with a preference for depth and perspective, indicating a modern approach while respecting traditional roots.

1991 – 2010

DECA Logo 1991

The logo evolves significantly in this version, moving away from the traditional diamond shape to adopt a more abstract, progressive design. It now features a series of horizontal bands forming an upward-pointing arrow or tree shape, which could be interpreted as a metaphor for growth, direction, and achievement. The design is sleek and forward-thinking, with the use of negative space to create the visual effect. This logo eschews any text or additional imagery, relying on its shape and form to convey the essence of the organization. The minimalist approach is reflective of the early 1990s design trends, emphasizing simplicity, sophistication, and a focus on the future.

2010 – Today


The DECA logo consists of a wordmark with an emblem on its left. The emblem revolutionized from the sharp diamond of the 1950s. And today comprises a quadrangle that is placed slightly diagonally and has its sides arched.

The DECA Diamond is a symbol of value and rarity, which the organization refers to its students. The four angles of the geometrical shape represent unique learning methods, creative solutions, business partnerships, and competition.

The DECA wordmark in all capital letters is executed in a clean sans-serif typeface with a lot of space between the lines. It looks strong and professional, especially in the company’s signature blue color.

The blue and white color palette of the DECA logo evokes a sense of loyalty, influence, and expertise. It is a simple yet bright combination, which adds meaning to the organization’s visual identity.

Font and Color

The bold and stable uppercase lettering from the official DECA logo is set in a modern geometric sans-serif font, which makes the inscription look very confident and progressive. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Conneqt Bold and Rebelton Medium.

As for the color palette of the DECA visual identity, it is based on a calm yet deep shade of blue, which evokes a sense of security, realizability, and responsibility. Blue is the color, that is often used in the educational sphere, as it stands for professionalism and looks very fresh and clean.