UANL is an abbreviation, standing for one of the largest public universities of Mexico, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, which was founded at the beginning of the 1930s, and named after its location, Nuevo León, a Mexican state, situated on the North of the country.

Meaning and history


Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León is a university, where traditions mean a lot. The classic approach to education, eternal values, and willingness to open the world of new knowledge to the students — this is what UANL is about. Of course, like every educational institution; the number one target of UANL is giving opportunities and helping young people to develop their skills and progress.

In terms of visual identity, the University is also pretty traditional, and still uses the badge, designed in its early years. The badge features a combination of a graphical emblem and light uppercase lettering, which is placed on the right from the emblem. Although, the colorful UANL medallion can often be seen on its own too.

The UANL emblem is a circular medallion with a gradient background in golden-beige, a pretty thick silver framing, and a traditional blue shield in a bold red outline, set in the center of the composition. The upper part of the shield features a light gold shade, and the main, blue part of it contains an image of a torch, surrounded by thin white orbits, which makes it look like an atom.

As for the lettering, one of them is written around the silver frame of the medallion and is executed in a classic serif typeface, with all capitals in black. The second wordmark is placed on the right from the emblem and set in two levels, with the enlarged “UANL” abbreviation, underlined by a medium-thickness gray line and a full inscription in the smaller size of the letters. Both parts are executed in one typeface and one light shade of gray.

Overall the UANL logo looks very traditional and calm, evoking a sense of professionalism and value of roots and history. The blue, gold and red color palette of the badge is also something timeless and classic, reflecting such qualities as reliability, confidence, and glory.