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University of Houston is a commercial organization, established in 1927 and based in Texas, US. This is one of the flagman institutions in the system of high education in the state of Texas. The university’s main operations are focused on providing people with professional knowledge in the fields of humanitarian and natural sciences. The university offers multiple programs of study, which are lectured in 16 colleges and independent schools. The institution also carries many additional sports organizations, scientific communities and other facilities.

Meaning and history

University of Houston Logo history

The university derives from Houston Junior College. It provided nightly teacher training lectures. The College was located on the territory of San Jacinto High School. In the 1930s, the small school became a university. It happened when the school was transformed into a four-year educational organization and changed its name to University of Houston. The range of disciplines was expanded, so now the university examined law, medicine and others. The university seal and primary logotype appeared at those times too.

What is University of Houston?
University of Huston is an American organization, which provides its students with scientific and educational preparation in various specialties. More than 200 programs, compiled by the highly qualified professors of the university, include such directions as entrepreneurship, liberal and fine arts, as well as natural sciences. There are also more in-depth disciplines, such as botany or molecular engineering, for example. The organization of the university has been structured in 16 colleges/schools and numerous laboratories, centers and other facilities.

1938 – today

University of Houston Logo 1938

The seal of the university’s brand has been composed of three major elements, having their own areas in the seal, and which are bordered by thin lines. The first part of the insignia is the pattern drafted of many rectangles, which is located in the outer zone of the seal. The second extension of the mark is a ring with the name of the brand and the year when it appeared. At the center of the seal, we can see a shield with three ducks and many diamonds on it. To each side from the shield, there is a dog. Above the shield, there are sand clocks with wings. At the top of the whole composition, we can see a rectangle with the ‘In time’ motto.

1930s – today

University of Houston Logo

The primary logotype of the Houston shows us a plate with the name of the university in a two-level inscription.


University of Houston Emblem

The words shown of the seal represent a bold typeface with sharp serifs of capitalized letters. The characters have a wide space between one another. The ‘In time’ slogan has been written in an uppercase sans-serif typeface, with a typical appearance of the symbols. The primary logotype typeface has a soft sans-serif style with uppercase word (except for ‘of’ preposition, which is lowercase). The two parts of the two-line inscription have different style: the upper ‘university of’ element features large gaps between small letters. The ‘R’ symbol has a small and abrupt cut at the center of the letter. The ‘Houston’ word is enlarged, and its characters have less space in between.


University of Houston Symbol

The coloring also depends on whether it’s the seal or the logotype. On the logo of the brand, the painters have drawn the pale gray upper ‘University of’ inscription and deep red ‘Houston’ lettering. The seal coloring is fully bright red, as this insignia is supposed to be visible on important papers and must not merge.