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University of Kansas is an educational organization, established in 1865 and located in Lawrence, United States. This is one of the successful researching institutions in the State of Kansas, which plays an important role in educational system of the state. The university offers many programs of study, referring to business as well as liberal and natural disciplines. Organized in 5 campuses, which maintain the work of numerous colleges and self-contained schools, the university provides people with high quality scientific preparation in multiple disciplines.

Meaning and history

University of Kansas Logo history

The formation of the university was started in 1863 by that-time governor of Kansas, who signed a law to establish a state-owned university. With help of local citizens and rich men of the city of Lawrence, who gave land and money, the university was established on March 21, 1865. The place chosen for the institution became a hill known as Hogback Ridge. The original catalog of the studied programs, among others, included law, philosophy, and engineering. The list of programs has been constantly growing throughout the history of the university.

What is University of Kansas?
University of Kansas is a public research institution, founded in 1865 and located in Lawrence, United States. The university has been set up of 5 campuses as well as many colleges, independent schools, and educational departments which manage around 350 educational programs with humanitarian and natural incline. In the list of academic subjects, lectured in the university colleges by highly qualified professors, there is business, history, informational technologies, mathematics, engineering, et cetera.

1865 – today

University of Kansas Logo 1865

The seal of the university has been set up of three major details: an external ring, a circle placed deeper in the seal, and the central image. In the first part, the brand painters displayed the name of the university and a note ‘Established 1865’. Under the outer frame, there is a hoop with the unchanging motto of the brand – ‘Videbo visionem hanc magnam quare non comburatur rubus’. It’s translatable from Latin into English as ‘I will see this great vision in which the bush does not burn’. The nucleus part of the seal is its center, which features a highly detailed picture of a man kneeling before a burning bush. On the background, we can see a mountain landscape.

1865 – today

University of Kansas Logo

The primal logotype of the brand evinces us the ‘KU’ acronym, placed to the left side from a two-level inscription with the name of the brand, having a thin bottom line.


University of Kansas Emblem

The institution’s official seal carries a bold font without serifs. The letters in this seal are written with rounded tips. In contrast, on the university’s primary logotype, they’ve displayed large capitalized letters with thin yet long serifs. Some letters are also connected to each other. The upper part of the name – ‘University of’ – is the smallest part of the logo. Below it, there is a slightly enlarged ‘Kansas’ word. The acronym is the largest element in the logo.


University of Kansas Symbol

The color schemes of the two marks of the brand can differ a lot, though they have relative niceties. The seal is consists of the inscriptions and lines colored blue. The central picture coloring is mixed from white and blue. The logotype has been composed of the pale gray name, having a blue bottom line, and the blue acronym, placed to the left.

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