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University of Georgia is an all-people available organization, which provides scientific and professional preparation to its students. This is one of the oldest public educational organizations in America. It was established in 1785 and is now placed in Athens There are more than 200 postgraduate and undergraduate programs exploring entrepreneurship, fine arts, natural and social sciences. The scientific, educational and corporate activity of the university has been managed in 17 schools and colleges. The university also offers land grants to its students who make progress in studying and scientific activity.

Meaning and history

University of Georgia Logo history

The university’s history traces back to the middle of the 1780s. That time, Abraham Baldwin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, wrote a charter for the establishment of the University of Georgia. However, for the first 16 years of its history, it existed only in documents. The task to establish an educational institution was given to the government. In 1806, the Franklin College was built. It was the first serious building of UG. Now it’s known as the Old College of UG. The logotype and the seal appeared a bit sooner, and their main task was to represent the university in the events, meetings, et cetera.

What is University of Georgia?
University of Georgia is a researching institution located in Athens, US. It’s the center of educational system in the state of Georgia, with the annual funding of $2 Billion. There are 200+ educational programs, examined, lectured and practiced in 17 colleges and self-contained schools and many scientific centers, spread across the country. The university is also known for granting land to its students who achieve impressive success in education or scientific activity.

1856 – today

University of Georgia Logo 1856

The seal of the university represents three main details: a ring featuring the name of the university in Latin and the year of its foundation; an ‘Et Docere Et Rerum Exquirere Causas’ Latin motto, which can be translated into English as ‘To teach and to inquire into the nature of things’; and an arch with three columns and a guardsman. On this arch, we can see four words, playing an important role for the university: ‘Constitution’, ‘Justice’, ‘Wisdom’, and ‘Moderation’. There is also a pattern of many dots and rectangles, serving as the outline for the whole seal.

???? – 2016

University of Georgia Logo old

For quite a long time, until 2016, the University of Georgia has been using one more badge as an official logo. It was a combination of a modernized circular seal, drawn in a minimalistic manner, with just a black arch on it, and a red serif lettering, placed under it and separated from the emblem by a thick red horizontal line with the lightweight slanted “1785”, the year of the University establishment, written on it in white. The whole composition was completed by a thin black underline.

2016 – today

University of Georgia Logo

The logotype was prepared by the brand design office of University of Georgia in approximately in the 1850s and set up as the primary element in the graphical image of the organization’s corporate brand. It features the name of the band in is a two-line inscription, which is placed to the right from an emblem, depicting the famous arch of the university and the year of foundation below.


University of Georgia Symbol

The fonts’ setups of the seal and the logotype have different appearances. The seal edition of the name has a bold script with wide gaps between uppercase sans-serif characters, while the nameplate in the logotype reflects a bold and strict typeface with capitalized serif letters. Also, the lower part of the lettering is enlarged. The differences in the fonts are related with their tasks and moods: the seal insignia is supposed to be printed on the white papers, while the logotype is often featured on the signboards.


University of Georgia Emblem

The color palettes of the organization can also change. The seal consists of a white circle with black lines and inscriptions on it. The logotype is often featured with the upper line of the inscription colored black and the lower one painted bright red. The emblem is painted by the similar scheme: the upper part is black, while the lower area is red. There are also white lines, used to depict the building and the year of the foundation.

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