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Oklahoma State University is a science research organization, preparing its students for their life. It has a large influence on the education system of the Oklahoma state. Over 1300 specialists provide knowledge to the applicants from across the United States.  The university is situated in five campuses with the main one in Stillwater. OSU maintains the work of 6 colleges, offering nearly 200 specialized programs of study and exploring various disciplines from business to informational security or engineering. The university also gives financial support and land grants to the students who achieve success in studying.

Meaning and history

Oklahoma State University Logo history

The foundation of the Oklahoma Territorial Agricultural and Mechanical College happened in 1890. It was chartered by the Oklahoma Territory assembly, which selected Stillwater as the location for the college’s campus. The first students’ assembly took place the next year after the foundation. The lectures were held in the city churches and halls until the first academic hall was built in 1894. The main strengths of the university at that time were related to biology, chemistry, engineering and soil science.

After the Oklahoma maturating into the state in 1907, the ‘Territorial’ word was deleted from the university name.  For the next 50 years, the university developed its educational programs, created the new ones and constructed the new buildings for colleges. In 1957, the university turned its title to ‘Oklahoma State University of Agricultural and Applied Sciences’. However, the nameplate was too long, so the administration shortened it to just ‘Oklahoma State University’ in 1958.

What is Oklahoma State University?
Oklahoma State University is an educational institution, built in Stillwater, United States. They have 6 colleges, which organize and develop more than 200 educational programs which range from mechanics and agriculture to social and liberal arts. These programs are lectured by 1300+ professional specialists, who also conduct research, often collaborating with the students, government, and other universities.

1958 – today

Oklahoma State University Logo 1958

The OSU seal is the organization’s signature represented on the official papers and diplomas. It consists of a circle with four contours. The external part of the seal is a ring featuring the name and the date of Oklahoma Territorial College foundation, placed centrally beneath. Into the ring, they’ve incorporated a small circle. It has a spiraling frame, which covers sun with multiple rays. Over the circle, there is a triangle featuring a boat with a fire above it. At the perimeter of the figure, we can see the three words of the motto – ‘Scholarship’, ‘Service’, and ‘Instruction’.

1958 – today

Oklahoma State University Logo

The brand logotype is an insignia featuring the brand in all events and marketing materials. It’s composed of an ‘OSU’ acronym, whereas the central ‘S’ character is enlarged and has two additional tips coming to the left and right, respectively. The left tip serves as a bottom stroke for the ‘O’ character, while the right tip is an upper line covering the ‘U’ symbol. The whole logo has two fat contours.


Oklahoma State University Emblem

The letters in the logotype have a heavy angular script with a little space between characters and with no serifs. All characters are capitalized, but the central ‘S’ is enlarged. In the seal, we can observe three fonts. The first one has typical uppercase characters with slim lines and short serifs. It’s used to depict the name. The second one is bold, widened and flattened. It features the ‘1890’ number. The motto has a capitalized sans-serif script with soft letters.


Oklahoma State University Symbol

The logotype is featured in a black and orange painting. The orange is used for the lettering and the external outline, while the black stands for the first contour. The seal coloring consists of black, white, and orange shades. The triangle and the outer frame are white. The inscriptions, symbols and images are black except for a fire above the boat, which is bright orange with white pith. The contours for the whole seal are orange and black. The sun and the spiraling frame are orange, and, finally, the space between the sunrays is black.