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George Mason University Logo
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George Mason University is an American educational facility, founded in the late 1940s. Most of its units are located in Virginia, although there are facilities across the USA and outside it. The university’s operations are focused on researching, classification and spreading of knowledge in various fields of liberal arts and natural sciences. There are many programs of education, preparing specialists in various fields of science, including rather experimental ones too. For example, students can enroll in biotechnology or bioinformatics technology.

Meaning and history

The university was established in 1949 as a University of Virginia northern extension. Ten years later, it was named after one of the founders of the United States – George Mason. In 1972, it became a self-conditioned organization with its own logotype, seal and name. Since then, it has advanced into one of the most successful universities in the state of Virginia and the whole United States.

What is George Mason University?
George Mason University is a public research organization, established in 1949 and based in Virginia. This is the largest university in the commonwealth. Its specialization is scientific explorations in various branches of human and natural activities, from business and law to medicine and biology. The notable feature of the GMU is that there are dozens of programs held by the university professors. All students enrolled in these programs are invited to participate in high-tech researching in various fields of science, relocate across campuses, and receive prestigious degrees or certificates.

1972 – today

George Mason University Logo 1972

The seal of the university depicts a feather with a paper. On it, there was a large ‘A Declaration of Rights’ inscription and two smaller wordings which are hard to identify. This paper with inscriptions is a nod of respect to George Mason, the patron of the university and the politician who wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights of 1776. Right side from the paper, there is the year of the foundation of the Northern branch of the University of Virginia, a GMU’s predecessor. Below it all, we can see the institutional motto – ‘Freedom and Learning’. The whole composition has been put inside a circle with an inscription with the name of the brand and its address. The ring also has a pattern of many triangles connected to one another, which is serving as a contour.

1972 – today

George Mason University Logo

The primal logotype, prepared by the brand designers of the university, depicts just an inscription with the name. A notable feature of this nameplate is a right diagonal bar of the ‘M’ character. It’s stylized as a feather with two wavy lines above it.


For the seal and the nameplate, the makers of the university’s brand identity have decided to use different scripts. On the ring, they wrote the name in the capitalized serif letters. The similar font is used to feature the slogan and the year of foundation. The parchment at the center shows us scribbled inscriptions, which are hard to recognize.

The nameplate, serving as the primary logotype, has been executed in two types: the ‘George’ and ‘University’ words have a sans serif type with uppercase characters and wide space between them. The central ‘Mason’ word is written using a capitalized serif type, which has the first ‘M’ letter larger than the following ones.  Also, the first three characters are alloyed with each other at the bottom.


The color scheme of the marks of the university has a resemblance: the main shade is dark green. However, the colors in both images are put in different ways. The seal has a green ring and white central parchment, which is contoured golden to not merge with the white inner part of the seal. The letters are also golden. The primary logo is fully green, except for the top yellow stroke.