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University of Denver is a scientific and educational researching instruction, which appeared in 1864. It was established in the city of Denver, Colorado, and now it’s a one of the most successful and largest universities in the state. It provides a range of services, from teaching people to provide them with equipment for their projects. There are more than 120 university specialties and programs, from entrepreneurship to humanitarian and mechanical sciences. The university’s operations are structured in 2 campuses as well as 10 schools and colleges.

Meaning and history

University of Denver Logo history

At the start, the university was occupied rather by religious and philosophical directions of science. It was in its early years, when it was known as Colorado Seminary. In 1880 the seminary was renovated and became the University of Denver. Since then, it has been focused on a diversity of disciplines, the list of which has been added over the course of the university’s history. That time, the university also received an official seal which is still used with small modifications and adaptations, made in order to modernize the brand of the university.

What is University of Denver?
University of Denver is a privately owned institution, which offers educational and scientific services. The university is located in Colorado, United States. It’s a large organization, containing two main campuses, as well as ten school and colleges, occupied by their own educational programs. There are more than a hundred of such programs, specializing in various fields of humanitarian, natural and social sciences.

1880 – today

University of Denver Logo 1880

The seal is composed of two major elements: an outer ring with the name of the university and an inscription ‘founded 1864’, a medium zone with the first name of the university and its ‘Pro Scientia Et Religione’ motto, which sounds in English as ‘For Science and Religion’, and a circle, placed at the center. The circle has a mountain landscape inside it. There is also a rectangle ornament, which is placed at the edge of the seal image. The insignia is used on important papers and documents, composed and signed by officials of the university and authorized facilities.

1988 – 2012

University of Denver Logo 1988

The first primary logotype of the brand appeared with the advent of the first electronic and Internet technologies. The university had to make a logo, able to reflect its values. That logo dates back at least to 1988, and features the name in a fully capitalized two-line inscription. It’s placed to the right from the symbol, styled as a square split in two halves by a circular line. The first half has a dark red coloring and reminds the ‘D’ character. The second part is colored brighter and looks like a clipped rectangle.

2012 – today

University of Denver Logo

The next logotype was prepared by the brand design branch of the University of Denver in 2012. It appears to have two major changes: first, the ‘of’ word is now lowercase, as it was before; second, the symbol is replaced by a shield, displaying one of the building of the university’s main campus, shown on the background of a mountain landscape. Above it all, we can see a small note: ‘1864’.


University of Denver Symbol

The 2012 edition of the primary logotype and the seal of the university have two fonts, resembling one another, but still having some discrepancies. The logotype’s inscription features semibold letters with prominent serifs. Also, the words ‘University’ and ‘Denver’ are enlarged and have uppercase style. The handwritten ‘of’ word is lowercase. The seal has the similar letters, but they’re all uppercase and extra bold.


University of Denver Emblem

The color schemes of the organization reflect different moods. The logotype is meant to represent the university in business meetings, marketing campaigns, as well as official events. To achieve the best result in this, the brand designers have drawn the black inscription and red shield with the white-colored mountains, buildings and lines. Furthermore, the ‘1864’ note is golden. The seal is black and white, as it’s often printed on official papers, documents and letters.

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