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Texas A&M University is an American educational land grant institution based in Brazos County of Texas. It’s the main institution of the educational structure of Texas. Situated in 17 colleges and 21 science departments, Texas A&M provides degrees in 130+ specialized programs of education. They’re lectured and studied by nearly 13000 academicians. Texas A&M is a senior military college, teaching a corps of cadets alongside civilians. The university also conducts science research activity, often with help of the state and nationwide agencies or institutions.

Meaning and history

Texas A&M University Logo history

The university’s first incarnation was founded in 1876 by the state government. It was a land-granting college, supposed to educate people in the branches of engineering, biology, chemistry, and others. Brazos County has given large territory near Bryan for the campus construction. Initially, only white men capable to serve in Cadet Corps and undergo military training could apply to the college.

For the decades to come, the organization made improvements in the educational process, developed new degree programs and constructed new buildings. Finally, in 1963, the state assembly has turned the Texas College into the university.

What is Texas A&M University?
Texas A&M University is a flagship higher education organization of Texas. With its main campus in Brazos County, the university incorporates 17 colleges with their own directions of study. In these colleges, more than 13000 professors explore 300+ academic programs specializing in liberal arts, agriculture, and mechanics. The TAMU science research projects are often sponsored by the huge companies, as well as organizations such as NASA, NSF, NIH, and others. The university plays an important part in the US oil production, farming, and animal husbandry.

1876 – today

Texas A&M University Logo 1876

The Texas A&M University seal is combined of several major elements. The ATM acronym is featured in large letters and set up at the very center. The central part has been incorporated into a ring with an ornament of a laurel wreath. Its two halves have a different form of the leaves. At the bottom of this layer of the sigil, there is the date of foundation. The external part of the seal depicts the university name and many stars.

1876 – today

Texas A&M University Logo

The TAMU logotype has been composed of the familiar A&M acronym, placed above the large ‘Texas A&M University’ inscription, written in a two lines.


Texas A&M University Symbol

The brand graphical identity uses the similar typefaces for the name in both the seal and the logotype. They have uppercase characters with thin, yet large are sharp serifs. In the seal, the letters have large gaps in between, and they’re also a bit flattened. The central ‘ATM’ acronym has a heavy script with large serifs of the letters, while the central ‘T’ is enlarged and has a 3D style. In the logo, the upper ‘Texas A&M’ lettering has a bold style, with the ‘X’ character joined to the next ‘A’. The lower ‘University’ word has a large space in between.


Texas A&M University Emblem

The color palette of the brand consists of the red and white shades. The seal has dark red lines, symbols and inscriptions. The ‘T’ letter has a little lighting effect made by several zones without coloring. The whole seal is featured with an empty background. The logotype is composed of the red nameplate. The rectangle is red too, and there is a white acronym with some gray zones.