University of Central Florida Logo

UCF logo

The University of Central Florida logo has been consistent in its central visual metaphor ever since the Pegasus symbol was introduced half a century ago.

Meaning and History logo

University of Central Florida Logo

The golden horse depicted on the logo is the Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology. The authors of the emblem were Jim Shattuck and Norman Van Meter. Interestingly enough, this logo was chosen out of over 50 versions. One of the reasons why the school opted for the Pegasus emblem was that it is a symbol for limitless possibilities.

The Pegasus UCF logo was officially introduced by President Charles Millican in spring 1968.

Tab emblem

UCF emblem

The primary identity mark is called the Tab. It features a side view of a golden horse with a wing made up of four feathers. There is a four-pointed golden star above the Pegasus’ head. The short name of the university is given below in a simple sans serif font. Both the white lettering and the gold horse stand out on the black background. The logo has a rectangular shape.

In addition to the Tab emblem, there is also the so-called University Signature featuring the words “University of Central Florida” in the Gotham typeface. The Signature can be placed either to the right, or below the Tab. Together, they create the full version of the UCF logo.

Athletic symbols

UCF symbol

In addition to the regular UCF logo, representing the university itself, we should also mention the logotype of its athletic program, the UCF Knights.

Although originally its primary logo was built around a depiction of a knight with a sword, the teams eventually got rid of the symbol, so since 2012, the primary logo features the gold, white, and black letters “UCF” going down in steps.

UCF knights logo

However, the knight’s head with a feather has remained on the secondary logo. The symbol was introduced in 1996 and underwent a complete overhaul in 2007. The 2012 modifications were hardly visible at all.


UCF logo font

The University of Central Florida mentions Gotham (Book) and Chronicle (Deck) as its primary fonts, while Knockout and Archer are the secondary fonts. The typeface featured on the primary University of Central Florida logo seems to be Gotham.


Color University Central Florida Logo

The school has two official colors: black and bright gold. In case of print media, Pantone Black is used, while in digital media Hex 00 00 00 is recommended. The bright gold is Pantone 7406 and Hex FF C9 04. On coated paper and digital media, the university suggests using Metallic Gold (Pantone 10121).