UNAM is the largest institution of higher learning in the Americas and has produced three Nobel Prize winners in different years. UNAM was founded in 1910 as an alternative to the Roman Catholic University. Ten years later, it gained autonomy in the organization of the academic process and financial management.

Meaning and history

UNAM is the largest and most prestigious university in Latin America.

Its purpose is to organize and carry out scientific research to form practitioners who will be useful to society.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico was founded in 1910. This educational institution occupies a leading position among the higher education institutions in the country and is one of the top five percent of higher education institutions in the world.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico is traditionally one of the top 5% of the best universities in the world. According to experts, the best areas can be considered: Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences and Medicine, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Management, and Physics. The university is present in the top 100 in terms of teaching quality. According to international rankings, the university has an excellent reputation among employers around the world.

What is UNAM?
UNAM is an abbreviation standing for Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, a public educational institution, established in 1910, and located in Mexico City. UNAM is rated by international rankings as the leading institution in Mexico. The university has more than 40 thousand students.

In terms of visual identity, UNAM is a very traditional university, which still uses an elegant heraldic seal, designed by rector José Vasconcelos. The badge represents the UNAM value of its heritage and roots, along with a professional fundamental approach to teaching.

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The ornate and elegant UNAM logo depicts a classic crest with a black silhouette of Mexico drawn against a white background. The thick white frame of the crest features a heavy black uppercase “Por mi raza hablará el espíritu” motto, which translates as “Through my race shall the Spirit speak”. The crest is placed on a background with two birds, drawn with lots of separate elements, resembling the Aztec style. The whole composition is placed above the image of hills and cactuses and is accompanied by an arched ribbon with the full name of the university, set on top of the logo.

Font and color

UNAM Emblem

The name of the university from the primary seal of UNAM is set in a narrowed handwritten sans-serif font with softened contours of the characters. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Leafstar Sans, or Industrial Gothic Pro, but with smooth and rounded lines.

As for the color palette of the UNAM visual identity, its seal can be seen whether in black or gold, the timeless powerful colors, but sometimes the university chooses blue, which adds some freshness and modern feelings to its classy traditional heraldic crest.