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Unacademy is an Indian educational organization, headquartered in Bangalore. It was established in 2015 with a mission to give the clearest and fairest preparation for the students passing the national exams in various subjects. They also provide academic courses in specific subjects, such as business, photography art, and others. Most operations of the company take place online on their official website, which makes Unacademy available for everyone.

Meaning and history

The project began as a YouTube channel, created, registered in 2010 by an engineering student named Gaurav Munjal. He has published a short video on how to computer graphics on his account. In 2015, collaborating with Hemesh Singh and Roman Saini, he developed the Unacademy concept by creating an app for publishing free content for learning.

This app in 2017 would receive is 1 millionth visitor, who has access to over 40,000 classes, prepared by 5000+ registered teachers. All this was monetized in 2019, when the paid-for Unacademy Plus subscription was launched to offer the special online courses in English and local Indian languages.

By 2020, Unacademy has achieved two milestones: first, it became available for schools and colleges, willing to provide offline courses, and second, it allowed educators to establish their own schools in just a minute using Unacademy Graphy tool.

Their nameplate has a simple philosophy: this is not an academy, as everyone from everywhere can learn with them. In this term, Unacademy is a counterpart of a traditional academy or another academic institution.

What is Unacademy?
Unacademy is an online education platform, which helps people prepare for exams and lessons, using academic classes from various teachers, spread worldwide. They also host courses in specific directions of study. The company was established in 2015 and based in Bangalore, and now it’s the largest Indian education provider, uniting more than 13 million learners and 14k+ specialists, having created over a million of videos in 60+ specialties.

2015 – today

Unacademy Logo

The Unacademy signboard follows simple and minimalistic customs. It represents the lowercase name caption, located to the right from an icon. The image features a semicircle located above another semicircle. The space between them reminds something like a bowl or sand clocks,


Unacademy Symbol

These clocks are highlighted with their coloring: the upper larger semicircle is painted blue, while the lower element is green. The stated shades are used in the name as well, whereas the ‘un’ part has a green coloring, while the ‘academy word is blue.


This lowercase nameplate has a sans-serif typeface with the letters spread close to one another. There are two typeface families, used in their brand assets – Oli Grotesk and Work Sans.