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Saunders College of Business (SCB) is an integral unit of Rochester Institute of Technology. It provides a preparation in the fields of business and is adjoined specialities. SCB offers undergraduate BS, MS, MBA and EMBA programs through its academic centers, related to technological inventions, urban business, management, accounting, marketing, business culture, et cetera.

Meaning and history

The college appeared in 1910 as a food management and domestic economics unit of RIT. In 1952, the university bought McKechnie-Lunger School of Commerce. The two facilities were then merged. In 2006, RIT changed the college’s name after E. Philipp Saunders. One of the latest renovations in the structure of the college was transiting of Hospitality, Tourism and Service leadership programs from the College of Engineering Technologies in 2019. Now, the college has plans to expand its building in 2023.

What is Saunders College of Business?
Saunders College of Business is an educational facility incorporated in Rochester Institute of Technology. SCB has 6 academic facilities, in which 30 professors conduct scientific researches and provide a professional preparation to nearly 2,500 students. The college is focused on the branches of accounting, marketing, finances, technological innovations, and others. They also help students establish their own businesses via Venture Creations business incubator.

2018 – today

Sanders College of Business Logo

The SCB logotype is a signature depicting a rectangle with the ‘RIT’ acronym at the top, which is underscored. Below, they wrote the college’s name in a three-level inscription.


Since SCB is a part of Rochester Institute of Technology, the SCB brand’s color palette has the same shades as RIT’s. These are orange for the background rectangle and white for the words.


In the SCB logo, there are two inscriptions for ‘RIT’ and ‘Saunders College of Business’.

‘RIT’ is featured in a bold typeface with prominent serifs. The characters themselves are enlarged, and there are very small intervals in between.

The college name is shown in the lower part of the logo. The designers wrote it using a basic sans-serif typeface. The ‘Saunders’ and ‘business’ words are bolder, and they’re put above and below the ‘college of’ wording, respectively.


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