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UDG is an abbreviation, standing for one of the Spanish universities, Universidad de Girona, located in the south of the country, in Girona, City in Cataluña province. One of the oldest educational institutions, UDG was established in the middle of the 15th century and got its second birth in 1991. The two main directions of the University are tourism and hospitality, and water science.

Meaning and history

UDG Logo history

Although Universitat de Girona is one of the oldest educational institutions in Spain, its new era started not that long ago, in 1991. With the rebirth of the university, its concept was completely changed, along with the visual identity and educational programs.

Since the date of introduction of the new logo in 1991, the visual identity of UDG has undergone one more redesign, which made it simpler, more laconic, yet also stronger and super modern.

Before 2015

UDG Logo before 2015

The first UDG logo, created after the rebranding of the University, was introduced in 1991. It was an elegant badge, composed of two parts: a graphical emblem set above the lettering. Both elements were executed in one deep shade of blue. The emblem featured a stylized image of an eagle, turned to the right. The bird, symbolizing wisdom, was sitting above the title case sans-serif inscription, where the “De” part was executed in smaller size compared to two other words of the University’s name.

After 2015

UDG Logo

The redesign of 2015 has kept the color palette of the previous version, but completely changed the concept of the Universitat de Girona visual identity. The lettering was now set in two lines and executed in a fancy and smooth serif typeface. The eagle emblem was removed from the badge, and replaced by two horizontally oriented braces, which were placed above and under the left part of the logotype.

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