Twix Logo

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Twix Logo

Twix is the brand of a chocolate bar, manufactured by Mars since 1967. The sweet snack is composed of a biscuit and caramel, topped with chocolate and the package contains two bars, which is the signature of the brand.

Meaning and history

Twix Logo history

The first version of the Twix text-based logo was designed in 1979z it was composed of a bold italicized serif typeface with an elongated left tail of the letter “X”, where the “Twin Bar” inscription was placed. The lettering was executed in red with black outline and shadow, the additional inscription was also drawn in black.

The redesign of 1982 brought simplified shapes and removed all the extra lettering. The red became brighter while the elongated tail of the “X” was cut.

In 1993 the horizontal bar of the letter “T” was curved and the color palette became a little more burgundy than red, with an addition of white to the outline. In 1998 the Sony was changed to sans-serif with a lore distinct edges of the letters. The color palette and the double outline remained the same.

Twix Logo

In 2010 the look of the logo was refined. The lettering became more three-dimensional and the wordmark gained layers and shadow. The light brown color was added to the palette, symbolizing both milk chocolate and biscuits, the main components of the Twix chocolate bars.

The dot above the letter “I” is a stylized Pause button, telling you to take a pause and get some Twix.