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Salt & Straw crafts avant-garde ice cream, celebrated for unique flavors. Primarily US-based, its market includes artisanal aficionados. Ownership rests with founders, backed by investors. Their local ingredient-sourcing ethos defines the brand.

Meaning and history

Salt & Straw started as a humble ice cream cart in Portland, Oregon, in 2011, quickly captivating the palates of ice cream aficionados with its peculiar and locally-inspired flavors. Founded by cousins Kim and Tyler Malek, their concoctions were an immediate hit, leading to the opening of their first brick-and-mortar store within a year.

Their focus on community and crafting stories through their ice cream flavors allowed them to establish a strong local brand identity. The company sourced ingredients from local farmers and artisans, fostering sustainable practices and a farm-to-cone ethos. This approach fueled their expansion, with Salt & Straw opening multiple locations along the West Coast.

The leadership and ownership have remained with the Malek family, though they’ve partnered with various investors to bolster growth. Their production evolved from small batches made in-store to larger operations, still adhering to their high-quality and craft-centered values. Despite scaling up, they maintain their unique approach to ice cream creation, offering flavors that reflect and celebrate their communities. Salt & Straw’s narrative is one of growth paired with a steadfast commitment to their original mission: to connect with and give back to their community through a shared love of ice cream.


Salt and Straw Logo

The logo presents a playful and rustic charm, indicative of a brand with a handcrafted essence. Central to the design is the brand name “Salt & Straw,” with “Salt” and “Straw” presented in a free-flowing script that conveys a sense of organic artistry. The ampersand between the two words is stylized, looping back on itself in a whimsical embrace that adds character and distinguishes the symbol as part of the brand’s identity. The entire text is underscored by lines that suggest a banner or marquee, framing the brand name and grounding it with a touch of tradition. The design choice communicates a balance between whimsical creativity and established quality, reflecting an artisanal approach to their product.