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Turkey Hill, currently a well-regarded brand, primarily delves into producing premium ice creams and dairy products. Expanding beyond its original Lancaster County, Pennsylvania roots, the brand now reaches vast U.S. markets. While once a subsidiary of Kroger, in recent times, it transitioned to ownership under Peak Rock Capital. Their dedication to quality, combined with innovative flavor offerings, solidifies Turkey Hill’s esteemed position in the dairy industry. As they continue to grow, they maintain their commitment to sustainability and community engagement.

Meaning and history

Turkey Hill, with its origins rooted in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, began its journey in 1931. It was initially a modest dairy farm, but its dedication to producing high-quality milk quickly garnered local appreciation. As the demand grew, so did the company, introducing ice creams in the 1950s. This move proved propitious, with the ice cream segment soon becoming an iconic part of the brand.

The 1980s saw Turkey Hill entering the beverage market, launching iced teas and fruit drinks, which became equally popular. As the product range expanded, so did its market reach. Initially a local favorite, Turkey Hill soon started gaining recognition beyond Pennsylvania.

In terms of ownership, a significant shift occurred when The Kroger Co., one of the U.S.’s largest retail food chains, acquired Turkey Hill in the mid-1980s. Under Kroger’s stewardship, Turkey Hill experienced exponential growth, further expanding its product lines and geographical footprint.

However, ownership evolved once again in 2019. The Kroger Co. made the strategic decision to sell Turkey Hill to an affiliate of Peak Rock Capital, a leading middle-market private equity firm. This transition marked a new chapter in Turkey Hill’s rich history, with Peak Rock Capital infusing fresh perspectives and strategies for the brand’s future growth.

Throughout its journey, what remained constant for Turkey Hill was its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. Whether through dairy farming or ice cream production, the company consistently upheld its standards, ensuring the trust and love of its consumers. The brand’s evolution, marked by strategic product launches and ownership transitions, paints a vivid picture of a company always poised for growth, yet deeply rooted in its foundational values.


Turkey Hill Logo

The image displays a vibrant and striking logo for “Turkey Hill.” Dominated by bold red and gold hues, the logo features a curved banner-like design. The name “TURKEY HILL” is written in bold, uppercase letters, with the text rendered in a vivid gold against a rich red backdrop. Above the banner, a quaint rural scene unfolds. It showcases a white farmhouse with an orange roof, complemented by adjacent silos and smaller buildings. All of these are surrounded by lush greenery. The composition captures a sense of rustic charm and evokes images of traditional dairy farms, reinforcing the brand’s legacy and heritage. The overall design is dynamic yet nostalgic, perfectly encapsulating the essence of the brand.