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Lunchables is the most popular snack brand for kids to take school in the USA. Quick and convenient: no need to wash the box, cut the products, or put them into containers, everything is already in its place. The Lunchables set usually includes crackers cheese and ham. There are also sweet snacks and drinks.

Meaning and history

Lunchables Logo history

The Kraft Heinz Company, with annual sales in the tens of billions of dollars, owns more than 55 brands that feed consumers throughout the day, from breakfast to midnight snacks. And one of the most popular lines for lunch, owned by the giant, is, definitely, Lunchables. These ready-made meals typically include pieces of sausage, cheese, crackers, and candy, and kids can assemble them in any combination.

In fact, the Lunchables line consists of 26 different combination products. It includes wraps, crackers, subs, pizza, nachos, chicken nuggets, small hamburgers, and hot dogs. As for the meat part of the sets — it can be ham, salami, or turkey. So everyone can find their favorite combo.

Lunchables is also a very socially active brand, for example, during the COVID pandemic, to help children adjust to the new school year, the Oscar Mayer Company has launched an audio adventure hotline and a series of safety videos called “New School Rules”. The animated series presented by the brand includes tips on how to wash your hands, wear masks, and maintain social distancing.

What is Lunchables?
Lunchables is the name of a snack brand, produced by the Kraft Heinz company. It was established in 1988, and today has the leading position in the ready meals market segment in the United States. Most Lunchables products are manufactured in Garland, Texas.

In terms of visual identity, Lunchables has been using the same color palette for decades. The brand has chosen warm and bright shades of yellow and red to represent its strong points and values.

1988 – 2004

Lunchables Logo 1988

The original Lunchables logo, introduced in 1988, stayed active for more than fifteen years. It was a bold red title case lettering in a fancy serif typeface, written against a solid yellow banner, and accompanied by a thick red line at the bottom. The corporate Oscar Mayer insignia in red and white was placed in the left part of the composition.

2004 – 2008

Lunchables Logo 2004

The version of the Lunchables logo, designed in 2004, has a diagonally oriented lettering with a slightly arched line, written in bold red characters against a bright yellow background and accompanied by the corporate badge at the bottom, above the “N”.

2008 – 2010

Lunchables Logo 2008

The redesign of 2008 has kept the yellow and red color palette and the Oscar Mayer badge but played with the main inscription. Now the red sans-serif characters were jumping above the line, and the thick red underline was replaced by an uppercase “Lunch Combinations” lettering in a rounded sans-serif typeface.

2010 – 2013

Lunchables Logo 2010

Another version of the Lunchables logo was created in 2010, the jumpy title case wordmark in a shiny light-yellow outline was placed on an intense yellow background. Another change, made to the badge of the brand was the Oscar Mayer insignia, which got its red characters extended and emboldened.

2013 – 2022

Lunchables Logo 2013

In 2013 for the first time in the brand’s history, its logo was redrawn in a red and white color palette, with no yellow elements. It was a stylized contoured title case inscription in a geometric sans-serif typeface, with the white bodies of the characters outlined and shadowed in red.

2022 – Today

Lunchables Logo

The redesign of 2022 has brought back the vivid and lively yellow color to the Lunchables visual identity. The lettering was completely redrawn, and today it is a bold outlined uppercase inscription, set arched, with the vowels in a smaller size than the consonants. The horizontal bar of some characters is elongated to the left, making up a dynamic image.

Font and color

Lunchables Emblem

The bold geometric lettering from the primary Lunchables logo is set in a custom designer typeface with massive and stable shapes of the letters. The peculiarity of the font is in the elongated bars of the “H” and the “B”, which enhance the uniqueness of the wordmark.

As for the color palette of Lunchables’ visual identity, it is composed of yellow, red, and white, the shades, which stand for joy, happiness, positivity, and good energy.

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