Campbell’s Logo

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Campbell’s Logo
Campbell’s is a legendary American brand of canned food manufacturer, which was founded in 1869 by Joseph Campbell. The brand became extremely popular after the iconic artist, Andy Warhol, used its tags for his painting.

Meaning and history

Campbell’s Logo history

The Campbell’s logo is probably one of the most famous logos in history. It’s elegant simplicity and bright color palette made it iconic.
The wordmark, designed in 1861 hasn’t changed by today. The calligraphic lettering of the inscription features smooth yet distinct and confident lines. The Campbell’s front is very similar to Cafe Aroma, creates by Bob Alonso.
The original Campbell’s logo was executed in a monochrome color palette, which was switched to red and white in 1921.
Campbell’s Logo
The logo we all know today is white lettering of the brand’s name, placed on a red rectangle, enclosed in a white and gold frame. The lettering has a black shadow, which makes the contrast brighter and the logo more eye-catching.
The elegant color palette of the Campbell’s logo evokes a sense of passion and timeless sophistication. It is a reflection of classic style and design, which is always contemporary.