Tostitos Logo

Tostitos Logo

Since its debut in 1979, the Tostitos logo has gone the way from a rather generic wordmark to an inviting emblem with a secret symbolism.

Meaning and history Tostitos logo

tostitos logo history

The first two logotypes, introduced in 1979 and 1985 respectively, were just black wordmarks with a red dot above the “i”.

The 2003 symbol Tostitos

tostitos symbol

This wordmark was a breakthrough. It was the first time that the logo acquired hidden symbolism. The “t’s” in the middle resembled people sharing a tortilla chip, while the dot above the “i” was a bowl of salsa. Behind the wordmark, a mouth-watering chip with an orange crust was placed.

The 2012 emblem Tostitos

tostitos emblem

At the end of the fall 2012, Tostitos products in new packaging started to appear, where an updated logo could be seen. The highlight of the previous emblem, the people with a tortilla chip between them, is still present in the current version, although in a slightly updated design. Now, they form a mirror reflection of one another. The chip between them has shifted slightly, while the “i” has been simplified. As a result, the two sides of the central part of the logo are symmetrical to one another. Moreover, one more hidden meaning has emerged here, in addition to the one mentioned above. Now, this part of the logo resembles a cute smiling muzzle of a raccoon. The dots above the “t’s” are the raccoon’s eyes, while the circle above the “i” is the nose.

In spite of the new hidden meaning, the logo looks cleaner than its predecessor. The orange-and-yellow chip behind the wordmark disappeared, while the design of each letter has been modified.

Font of the Tostitos Logo

Font Tostitos Logo

In addition to the unique look, the custom type featured in the Tostitos logo has a hidden symbolism. For instance, the horizontal bar above the first “T” has an upward direction and, as the result of it, a more optimistic feel.

Color of the Tostitos Logo

Color Tostitos Logo

The main colors are black, red, and yellow, while white serves as the background.

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