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The Toronto Raptors logo history hasn’t been very long. While the original logo dwelled on the dinosaur theme, it disappeared from the following version.

Meaning and history

Toronto Raptors Logo history

The visual identity history of the Toronto Raptors can be split into two periods — the Dino one, from 1995 to 2015, and the contemporary era started in 2015 with a completely new design concept.

Toronto Raptors logo

1995 — 2008

Toronto Raptors Logo 1995

The original logo for Toronto Raptors depicted a bright red raptor in a basketball uniform, placed in a circular purple and black background with an arched inscription above it. The bold gray lettering was executed in a custom and sharp serif typeface with pointed angles and thick lines can be evoking a sense of confidence and danger.

The alternate logo, used by the club during this period featured an image of the basketball with three Dino claws above it, enclosed in a circular frame. This design will become a basis for another logo later.

2008 — 2015

Toronto Raptors Logo 2008

The color palette of the Raptors’ visual identity was switched to red, black, and white in 2008, with all the purple elements of the background changed to black, and the monochrome uniform of the Raptor, the logo started looking more passionate and strong, reflecting the essence and the mood of the Toronto basketball club.

2015 — 2020

Toronto Raptors Logo 2015

The redesign of 2015 brought a completely new style to the Toronto Raptors’ visual identity. The new badge featured a solid black circle in a red outline, with a white sans-serif lettering around its perimeter and a stylized gray and black basketball image in the center. The ball’s stripes resemble three raptor claw marks and are placed slightly diagonally on the left part of it.

2020 — Today

Toronto Raptors logo

The color palette of the logo was changed to black, red, and white in 2020. With the black background white lettering and red basketball in the middle, the badge in a wide white outline looks stylish, classy, and timeless, representing professionalism, determination, and overt of her basketball club from Toronto.


Toronto Raptors symbol

The global logo sports a comparatively simple block type with cut corners. Being fairly clean and clear, it seems to lack edge.

Primary emblem

Toronto Raptors Logo emblem


Toronto Raptors Emblem

The brand guidelines state that the team’s primary icon is the basketball, which looks exactly like that on the global logo, except for the color – red. The icon doesn’t include anything else.



Toronto Raptors Logo Color


While the official color scheme comprises five colors (red, black, silver, and gold), the actual palette of the Toronto Raptors logo is different. White is used here, while gold can’t be seen, though it does appear on secondary emblems. According to the official brand guidelines, the values of the colors in the Pantone Color Matching System are as follows: 200 (red), PMS Black (black), Cool Gray 5 (silver), and 872 (gold).

Toronto Raptors logo gold