Toronto Raptors Logo

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Toronto Raptors Logo
The Toronto Raptors logo history hasn’t been very long. While the original logo dwelled on the dinosaur theme, it disappeared from the following version.

Meaning and history

Toronto Raptors Logo history

The team was founded in the fall of 1993 by a group led by John Bitove, a local businessman. The group paid as much as $125 million, which was a record expansion fee for that time.
The author of the original logo followed the name of the team. He depicted an anthropomorphized raptor (or velociraptor), a small and rather fast dinosaur. The red raptor dressed in the white uniform with a purple “R” on his chest was dribbling a basketball. The lettering “Raptors” in grey could be seen above his head. The image was placed inside a purple roundel shape. On its top border, there were seven purple triangles, each holding a letter from the word “Toronto.”

Old logo

Toronto Raptors Logo Old
While the triangles on the Toronto Raptors old logo looked rather impressive resembling the sharp spikes on a dinosaur’s back, the lettering was hardly legible, especially at smaller sizes. Nevertheless, the team didn’t change the shape of their emblem during the 2008 logo update; only the color scheme was modified.

The global symbol

Toronto Raptors symbol
It was only seven years later that a Toronto Raptors new logo solving the central problem of its predecessors was unveiled. Here, both the words of the team name were perfectly legible. As the raptor was replaced by a basketball, the logo lost some of its originality and recognizability. Although that’s not just a regular basketball, but a stylized and customized one, it still looks somewhat generic and will hardly reach the status of an instantly memorable icon. The choice of typeface also doesn’t help.


The global logo sports a comparatively simple block type with cut corners. Being fairly clean and clear, it seems to lack edge.

Primary emblem

Toronto Raptors Logo emblem
The brand guidelines state that the team’s primary icon is the basketball, which looks exactly like that on the global logo, except for the color – red. The icon doesn’t include anything else.


Toronto Raptors Logo Color
While the official color scheme comprises five colors (red, black, silver, and gold), the actual palette of the Toronto Raptors logo is different. White is used here, while gold can’t be seen, though it does appear on secondary emblems. According to the official brand guidelines, the values of the colors in the Pantone Color Matching System are as follows: 200 (red), PMS Black (black), Cool Gray 5 (silver), and 872 (gold).